Indian Princess

In the past few years I have not been able to spend much time sewing because of such things as taking care of 5 kids, building and moving into a new home etc. Just lately though the sewing bug has come back since I made Sam’s costume for Halloween. BYUFan’s sister Kelly asked me if I would be willing to make her an indian costume for a cub scout function and I jumped at the opportunity. I bought the needed materials on Tuesday, started sewing on Wednesday and was finished by Friday afternoon. I could have had it done quicker, but I only sew in spurts because one or all of my children always seems to need me for something. Now I just hope Kelly likes the costume and that it fits well.



  1. Kelly says:

    Holy Cow Nancy! Are you kidding! That is awesome! I’m speechless, well obviously not. But HOLY COW! Thank You! Sewing is one talent I yearn to have. Just awesome!

  2. Lori says:

    Amazing! There’s another gift idea to add to your Christmas list–gift card to your favorite sewing/fabric store?

  3. mom says:

    Amazing, simply amazing. With your gardening skills and sewing skills you have been way too modest and quiet. Very talented person you are, Nancy!

  4. BYUFan says:

    Now Nancy just needs to make a few more costumes for people and then I’m going to set up a website and start taking orders for costumes (or other custom sewing projects). I just need to figure out a good website name and convince Nancy that she’s good enough to do it (she always says “I’m not good enough”). She also says “but my costumes would be too expensive – I can’t compete against $20 costumes at WalMart”. I just tell her that if she does a good job people will be willing to pay for quality work.

    I know we can make a better website than various sites I’ve seen out there. Check out this site for Creative Costumes. I guarantee we can make a better website than that and our website won’t play “dance little chick” music when you click on it.

    Anyone else need a costume?

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