For Want of a Nail…

Anne has been bugging me to post more. I suppose I did get pretty lazy during the Holiday season so last night I finally decided to get off my duff and write up a post.

But I wanted to write the post on my laptop in my bedroom…
But all the pictures were on my desktop PC so I needed to set up Remote Desktop…
But the firewall is configured to block Remote Desktop so I needed to change the router setup…
But the wireless router was filling in for my real Internet router so I needed to swap the two…
But the real Internet router wasn’t getting a link light from my PC so I needed to check the connection…
But the test tool failed the connection so I needed to rewire the jack…
But the jack was behind the credenza so I needed Nancy’s help to move the credenza…

After Nancy helped me move the credenza I crawled in behind it and proceeded to rewire the jack. As I was sitting there with the wires and my tools Nancy asked me “What made you decided to do this right now?” I answered sheepishly, “Uhhh, because I wanted to post on our website?”

It reminds me of that old poem:

For want of a nail
the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe
the horse was lost.
For want of a horse
the rider was lost.
For want of a rider
the battle was lost.
For want of a battle
the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want
of a horseshoe nail.

Fortunately I was able to wire the jack so that it passed the connection test which meant I could switch the routers which meant that I could configure Remote Desktop through the firewall which meant I could then post from my bedroom and still access the pictures from the desktop PC downstairs. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked again after I switched the routers because I decided to finally get wireless printing working from Nancy’s laptop which she has been bugging me to do for some time. By the time I got the wireless printing working it was time for bed. Maybe tonight I’ll post something. Of course, I could also get sidetracked and end up on a ladder in the kitchen replacing light bulbs.


  1. mom says:

    Oh, I loved that post! And I do believe I’ll just sit here grinning and chuckling with nothing further to say….

  2. mom says:

    Uh, when have you ever known mom to have nothing further to say… So here it is:
    You are young yet – wait until ten years have gone by and you are still in want of the same darn nail!

  3. Lori says:

    Step away from the lightbulbs and POST! (Unless, of course, you would rather get in your car, drive 1/2 hour to my house, and set up a little wireless printing action for moi?)

  4. Lori says:

    Hey, and you did all that on the night of your own birthday, then wrote your post and didn’t even mention it was your day.

    Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a chance to do something fun before or after all that router business.

  5. BYUFan says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was an interesting assortment of people that sent me wishes on my birthday: Calls from my insurance agent, a counselor in the Bishopric (not sure how he knew it was my bday), and my friend Tracy, as well as a note on Facebook from Kelly, an email from my bank, and now comments on my blog from Lori.

  6. anne says:

    I didn’t understand half of all that computer stuff you were talking about..

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