Spring flowers 2009

For some reason I love to take pictures of my flowers each spring because I think they are very pretty. Here are some of them that I took recently. Which one of these pictures do you like the best?

Flower #1

Flower #2

Flower #3

Flower #4

Flower #5


  1. BYUFan says:

    What are the names of the flowers?

    I like picture #4 the best because of the yellow framed by the purple.

  2. Lori says:

    Hi, I like #2 with the rock. but BYUFan is right, the yellow and purple is pretty too. Has the rainy weather been good for your yard?

  3. Nancy says:

    In general the rainy weather has been good for our yard. The only problem is that the weeds love it too.

  4. kent says:

    Variety–green, yellow,pink, purple, tall, short, wild, domestic.


  5. mom says:

    I like number 2 the best, and number one as well. I like them all. But the ground cover over the rock is so beautiful. At least I assume that is what it is. As I said before, you guys never cease to amaze me with your green thumbs. Especially Nancy’s green thumb with absolutely georgeous flowers and Brian’s gardening/landscaping? Completely amazing.

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