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January Birthdays

Caroline and Dad's Birthday

Caroline and Dad’s Birthday

Unfortunately for Caroline, it wasn’t her turn for a friend party this year so she had to share her birthday party with me. I guess that’s just the price you pay when your birthday is a day after your dads. On the plus side, you get to have two different kinds of cake!

Snow Day

I am sure glad that I took care of the tomatoes yesterday because this is what my garden looked like today.

A couple of days ago we had some snow, but not enough for the kids to play in. Luckily last nights storm brought in enough for the kids to enjoy!

Spring Soccer

This year Caroline and Diana were the only kids who wanted to play soccer. Diana was improved from last year. She finally ran with the hordes of kids to get to the ball instead of just standing there looking at it. Caroline’s team was really good and only lost one game. Caroline’s best position on the team is defense, she is good at kicking the ball out of the way so the other team can’t get a goal. I am proud of them for doing a good job this year.

Diana’s favorite time in soccer

Caroline posing for a picture

Diana amongst the horde

Summer Swimming Lessons

This year Caroline and Sam started swimming lessons at level 3. They can now swim well enough that I don’t have to keep a constant eye on them when they are at our community pool. Diana couldn’t take lessons at the beginning because she had a rash that took a long time to get better. By the second session of swimming lessons Diana’s rash was better so she could start at level 1. Caroline was able to pass level 3 after the first session, but Sam had to take it again until he finally passed. The kids love to go to the indoor pool here and they are looking forward to taking more swimming lessons when they go off track from school.

Fun at the new park

Down the road a ways the city built a new park. It is not that great, but since it is a change from the old on they have been going to it is like hitting the jackpot for the kids. One day I decided to take their pictures just for fun.

2009 Winter Recitals

December was recital time. Emily, Anne, and Caroline’s recital was at the piano teacher’s house. Sam’s recital was at the West Jordan Library.

Emily played Petite Russian Rhapsody by John Thompson and I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schönberg:

Anne played the Raindrop Prelude by Chopin and the Minute Waltz by Chopin:

Caroline played Hogwarts Hymn by Patrick Doyle and Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John:

Samuel played Chocolate Cake by Bastien:

Caroline’s Birthday

Caroline got to have a friend party this year. When you’re 10 years old a friend party is still exciting. Nothing can be more high energy than a group of 9 and 10 year old girls and it is impossible to comprehend the capacity of 10 year old girls to giggle incessantly – it truly is a miracle of nature.

Some kind of mummy game

Some kind of mummy game

When you’re 10 you don’t play pin the tail on the donkey or other lame “kids” games. Nope, you play some kind of weird mummy game that doesn’t make any sense but sure makes for a lot of giggles.

What's better than a pizza party?

What's better than a pizza party?

Caroline wanted to have a pizza party and Nancy obliged. Caroline was kind enough to let her siblings participate in the pizza party as well. It wasn’t too much of a sacrifice though because 10 year old girls are so busy giggling that they don’t do much eating and there were plenty of leftovers.

Happy Birthday Caroline

Happy Birthday Caroline

Happy Birthday Miss Caroline. We love you very much and wish you many happy returns.

First day of School

I took these pictures a long time ago but am barely writing about them. This year my youngest started kindergarten. She has been excitedly looking forward to the day when she could get on the school bus with her older siblings and finally the day was here. Usually on the first day I like to take my kindergartener to school myself and take pictures there, but Diana wouldn’t have it she wanted to take the bus. So here are the pictures of my three little elementary school kids on their first day of school.




Texas’ birthday

Since we have five kids, early on I decided that everyone would have a friend birthday party every other year instead of every year. So this year Texas had a family party and got to go out to whichever restaurant she chose. Usually when our family goes out to dinner the kids each have a different idea of where they want to go. Some like Chuck-e-Cheese’s, Wendy’s or McDonald’s others would rather go to Sweet tomatoes, Chili’s, or Applebees. So the other kids wouldn’t sway Texas, BYUFan kept her inside while the other kids got in the car and she told him where she wanted to go. In the end she chose to go to Chili’s and she had lots of good food and I didn’t have to cook dinner, that was a present that I got to share in.


When we got home we had birthday cake and ice cream. Next year she will be able to invite her friends and have a nice party.

Texas – the cutest 9 year old in the world!

Hair cut for Caroline

Brian has been bugging me to get Caroline’s hair cut for a while now, because her long hair kept getting in her face. So last week I took her with me and we both got our hair cut. Now we both have nice short hair that doesn’t get in our faces.