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Another broken bone

Waiting to see the doctor at the instacare.

Waiting to see the doctor at the instacare.

The X-ray of the broken wrist.  Now off to the ER to have the bone reduced.

The X-ray of the broken wrist. Now off to the ER to have the bone reduced.

At the ER, waiting for the team to come in to straighten the bone so they can put a splint on it.

At the ER, waiting for the team to come in to straighten the bone so they can put a splint on it.

The splint is on.  Now we are waiting to be discharged.

The splint is on. Now we are waiting to be discharged.

Back to School

Sam and Diana are still on year-round school so their track started a week earlier than the older girls.

Back to school 2013

Back to school 2013

Sam is in 6th grade now so he’s a Big Man on Campus while Diana is starting the 4th grade.  They’re excited to go back to school and Nancy is excited as well.

Diana’s Princess Book Report

Today Diana presented her book report on Princess Jeweliana and the Sparkling Rainbow Ball, by Allia Zobel to her class.   She took one of her princess costumes and fairy wings so she could tell the class all about her book as if she was the main character.  She did it all on her own and did not even have a cheat sheet to read off of.  I forgot to take a picture while she was giving her report so I had to take the following pictures while she watched the other kids give their reports.  It was a lot of fun.

Another lost tooth



How can you tell if a kid is 7 years old? By their missing teeth, of course! Unfortunately, the tooth fairy is pretty distracted in our house and is famous for not remembering to come. Wonder how many days will go by with Diana dropping hints about it before the tooth fairy will remember to come?

April Birthdays

Sam and Diana have birthdays only a few days apart. I can never remember which person’s birthday is on which day. Luckily for Sam and Diana, the got to have separate birthday celebrations this month instead of getting a combined one like Caroline and I do.


Sam’s birthday but Diana just can’t wait for hers


Happy Birthday 9 year old

Sam’s birthday is first but Diana has a hard time waiting a few more days until her celebration. She wishes that her birthday came first each year. Of course if it came first then she would be wishing that it was her birthday again when the second person’s celebration rolled around a few days later. Not many things are better than birthday cake and presents when you’re turning 7 years old.


Diana posing on her birthday


Happy Birthday 7 year old

Snow Day

I am sure glad that I took care of the tomatoes yesterday because this is what my garden looked like today.

A couple of days ago we had some snow, but not enough for the kids to play in. Luckily last nights storm brought in enough for the kids to enjoy!

Spring Soccer

This year Caroline and Diana were the only kids who wanted to play soccer. Diana was improved from last year. She finally ran with the hordes of kids to get to the ball instead of just standing there looking at it. Caroline’s team was really good and only lost one game. Caroline’s best position on the team is defense, she is good at kicking the ball out of the way so the other team can’t get a goal. I am proud of them for doing a good job this year.

Diana’s favorite time in soccer

Caroline posing for a picture

Diana amongst the horde

Summer Swimming Lessons

This year Caroline and Sam started swimming lessons at level 3. They can now swim well enough that I don’t have to keep a constant eye on them when they are at our community pool. Diana couldn’t take lessons at the beginning because she had a rash that took a long time to get better. By the second session of swimming lessons Diana’s rash was better so she could start at level 1. Caroline was able to pass level 3 after the first session, but Sam had to take it again until he finally passed. The kids love to go to the indoor pool here and they are looking forward to taking more swimming lessons when they go off track from school.

No More Training Wheels for Us!

It finally happened about a month ago, Diana taught herself to ride a bike without training wheels. I am so glad she was not like Anne or Caroline who fussed and fretted about riding without training wheels. All of Diana’s friends on the street learned how to ride a bike last year so Diana decided that it was her turn. She got on our littlest bike and kept on trying to ride it until she was successful. Here are the pictures to prove it:

Fun at the new park

Down the road a ways the city built a new park. It is not that great, but since it is a change from the old on they have been going to it is like hitting the jackpot for the kids. One day I decided to take their pictures just for fun.