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Diana’s Kindergarten Mother’s Day Program

For mother’s day this year all the kindergarten classes got together to do a program for their mothers. We were off track at the time so I had to drive Diana to school instead of sending her on the bus. Diana has been excited the past month or so because they have been practicing the songs they were going to sing. Some of the songs she would sing at home while she watched TV or played with her barbies. She did a very good job singing although one of the songs she didn’t sing. I asked her when we go home why she didn’t sing the one song and she told me, “I didn’t like that song mom!” Boy was I not smart to know that!

It’s Great to Be Six

What fun it is to be a 6 year old. Life is a series of birthday parties, losing teeth, enjoying kindergarten, and playing with friends. What’s not to like?

Another lost tooth

Our 6 year old, Diana, lost another tooth the other day. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that Diana’s tooth got pulled out by Dad who, after 5 kids, has plenty of experience extracting loose teeth and has no patience for watching kids wiggle and play with loose teeth for weeks before they fall out on their own.

No friend party this year - bummer

Diana wasn’t lucky enough to get a “friend party” this year. I can’t remember if the kids get a “friend party” on their even or odd numbered birthdays but it seems to me that the policy is flexible and depends largely upon how busy or tired Nancy is. So, bummer for Diana this year that there wasn’t a friend party but even a family birthday party is still good.

Still, any birthday party is a great day

Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies, Barbies, and lip gloss are the things that delight 6 year old girls. They’re also the type of things that I endlessly find strewn about the house. It seems as if we have a thousand Pollies, Ponies, and Barbies lying around but for some reason our collection is never complete. Happy Birthday Diana. Don’t grow up too quickly. I hope you enjoy Pollies, Ponies, and Barbies for several years to come.

Tower of Babel

Diana’s elementary school is going to have a Chinese Immersion Program next year for select 1st graders. What? An elementary school in Utah with a Chinese language immersion program for 1st graders? Pretty amazing if you ask me. I agree that it’s important to speak a 2nd language and you can’t really argue with the selection of Mandarin Chinese seeing how it is the most spoken language in the world. That being said, it just seems a little odd having 1st graders in a Chinese language immersion program.

I took Spanish in 7th and 8th grades and, while rusty, I’m good enough to get the gist of what people are saying if I concentrate hard. Anne is taking Spanish next year and it will be fun to work with her on it. My Chinese is only good enough to get a taxi back to my hotel or to order one or two simple street dishes that I learned about while spending time in Tawain during my days in the semiconductor industry. Still, it would be fun to throw some words around with Diana and see how she is doing. Of course, Grandpa Kent speaks Chinese pretty well and he could evaluate if Diana’s progress in the program is legit.

So, what do you think? Should we sign Diana up for it?

First day of School

I took these pictures a long time ago but am barely writing about them. This year my youngest started kindergarten. She has been excitedly looking forward to the day when she could get on the school bus with her older siblings and finally the day was here. Usually on the first day I like to take my kindergartener to school myself and take pictures there, but Diana wouldn’t have it she wanted to take the bus. So here are the pictures of my three little elementary school kids on their first day of school.




Luppin’s Birthday

We decided to have Luppin’s birthday party in May because we were gone on vacation on her official day. Actually on her birthday we were visiting the Capitol building in Washington D.C. and being led around by Representative Chaffetz’s staffers. This year she got to have a friend party so she was really excited. We invited seven girls and all but one showed up.

At the party we started off by putting stickers on our princess crowns. Then we got the party going by playing the candy bar matching game. If they matched two of the same candy bar pictures, they got the actual candy bar. After that game we played pin the tail on the donkey. They had a hoot seeing the funny places the tail got stuck to. After that we had cake and ice cream. It is funny because when I was a kid I remember the cake and ice cream were the best part, but the girls were more interested in jabbering than eating either cake or ice cream. I think I threw the bulk of it away in the garbage can. After the cake came the presents. I think this was very fun. I had each of the girls one at a time bring up the present she got for Luppin and then each of their presents got spotlighted and I could write down who brought what. After the all the presents were opened and before they could tear into them and get Barbie/Polly pocket stuff everywhere, we went to the basement to do the pinata. Because we have an unfinished basement it was easy to tie the rope up on the ceiling and have the girls whack away at it. I think they liked this game the best of all. Luppin did want to play musical chairs, but we ran out of time. All in all a very good party.






No more Spring Programs

It is an end of an era. All my kids have attended Challenger School and at the end of this school year my last baby will have finished her stint at this great preschool.

On May 15th I got to attend the last spring program I will ever go to with one of my kids. I went alone so I had to take both the still pictures and the video. I still haven’t downloaded the video, but when BYUFan has the time maybe he can post the video.

Here is Luppin as the sun coming out after the rain. They were going pretty fast so this picture is blurry.


Here she is again doing actions to a song.


Diana’s Birthday

A couple of months ago it was Diana’s birthday and I forgot to post some pictures. Even though she didn’t have a friend party like Sam she still had fun opening presents and eating cake and ice cream with her family.

Diana’s Spring Sing

Today was Diana’s annual Spring Program at Challenger School. They held it at 9:00 a.m. so I just went with Nancy to the program before heading to the office.

Having five kids in Challenger School has made us pretty familiar with the contents of the program – the format doesn’t change much from year to year. Still, it’s fun to see the performance each year even if it is fairly routine for an audience member.

We managed to forget the video camera even after we had charged it up. Fortunately, our handy little HP camera can take videos and they turned out pretty decent for such a small little still camera.

One good thing about Diana’s rendition is that she seems to sing and do the actions a bit more energetically than some of our other kids have in the past. I seem to recall one year one of the kids spent the entire time doing big yawns and one year one of them was grumpy and didn’t sing or dance or do anything.

Diana did such a good job that after the program Nancy took her out to get a treat while I headed to work.

Diana’s Check up

Today we took a trip up to Salt Lake for Diana’s six month check up after surgery. I left a good hour before the appointment thinking that there would be bad traffic this morning because we were expecting a storm. Luckily for me the storm hadn’t started yet and the morning commute was winding down so we sailed into Salt Lake about twenty minutes early for our appointment. When we got there we did the same thing we did for the previous check ups. We had to go to outpatient registration and then to x-ray. Even though Diana has had quite a few x-rays allready she still was a little fussy when they took her picture. After the x-ray we went into the exam room to wait and after a while the nurse came in to do the usual height/weight check, blood pressure check and an ekg. Diana totally whined about the ekg, I guess she forgot about the many other times she had done the same thing. Kids are sure funny that way. After all those checks were done we then waited for the doctor. Since Dr. Shaddy is no longer at Primary Children’s Hospital we had to find a new doctor and his name is Dr. Su. He came in and listened to Diana’s heart and lungs, checked her hands and feet and looked at her x-ray. Dr. Su said that everything looked great and that Diana was doing very well. Dr. Su said that after five years Diana should be done with any post-op checkups, our next one will be in two years. I was really happy with our experience at Primary Children’s Hospital and that Diana will grow normally with no problems.

After the appointment was over we went out to our car in what looked like a blizzard. The wind was blowing the snow in our faces and making it difficult to see too far ahead. Being a California girl I was very scared to drive home, but I knew as long as I drove slow enough and leaving plenty of room between me and the car in front of me that I would be okay. I drove all the way home at about 30mph. It took an hour to get home, but at least I made it safely. I think this is the snowiest winter since I have lived in Utah. I just hope it will be enough so we can water our yard and garden nicely this summer.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures for this post. I forgot to bring the camera with me to Diana’s appointment.

A Thursday Night Game

I don’t like Thursday night games as a general practice but it’s fun to have one every once in a while. The main problem with weekday games is traffic. On a Saturday game I leave 1.5 hours before kickoff and usually have plenty of time to spare – time to see the band march up the street, watch warm-ups, national anthem, etc. Tonight the plan was to leave 2 hours early but I was late getting home from work and that put us 20 minutes behind schedule. Traffic was horrible all the way down to the stadium and we found our seats just before kickoff.

Other than the bad traffic, it was a perfect night for a game. The weather was beautiful- chilly but not too cold, the crowd was spirited, the teams were energetic, and my beloved Cougars came away with a win. How could it get better than that? Well, it could get better if the Cougars covered the spread. Last year BYU covered the spread in nearly every game. This year it seems like they’re winning but not covering the spread in nearly every game.

What is that thing?

I think TCU is a pretty good addition to the conference. The TCU fans aren’t completly crass and vulgar (Wyoming), they don’t have an annoying chant (UNLV), and well, let’s just say they don’t bug me as bad as the Utes. The only drawback to TCU is that they have the world’s ugliest mascot. That horned frog costume has got to be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Enjoying the halftime show (the drumline looks good Danny!)

I convinced Nancy to go (she only goes to one or two games a season and only if it’s good weather) and thus we took Sam and Diana (Diana gets bored easily and has to go potty frequently so I don’t like to take her by myself). The kids had a good time and Sam is starting to enjoy the game a bit more – but still not as much as he enjoys hot dogs and nachos.

The other day Samuel saw a BYU hat in Macey’s and told Nancy he wanted it. She got him the hat and purposely got it several sizes too big “so he can grow into it”. I didn’t think Samuel would last very long with the hat but he surprised me. He wore it the entire time and didn’t take it off to play with it or annoy me with it. He still had it on in the car on the way home.

Driving home after the big game