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Sam’s Wolf Award


Sam receiving his Wolf award

Sam was excited to receive his Wolf award at the Pack Meeting. With so many other boys Sam’s age, there were a lot of awards being handed out which tends to make Pack Meeting go a bit long but I appreciate the work that the Cub Scout leaders do and the time they spend on Sam’s behalf. Because Nancy is a Den Mother, she’s been the most involved with Sam’s cub achievements. That being said, I think she’ll be glad when all the boys Sam’s age move on to the Bear den. Planning Den Meeting for 8-10 nine-year old boys is a lot of work.

Congratulations Sam!

Snow Day

I am sure glad that I took care of the tomatoes yesterday because this is what my garden looked like today.

A couple of days ago we had some snow, but not enough for the kids to play in. Luckily last nights storm brought in enough for the kids to enjoy!

Sam’s artwork

Today is my birthday and Sam made a special picture for me. It is interesting that when my girls draw pictures they draw a scene, but when Sam draws a picture he tells a story. Can you see the story behind this picture?

Summer Swimming Lessons

This year Caroline and Sam started swimming lessons at level 3. They can now swim well enough that I don’t have to keep a constant eye on them when they are at our community pool. Diana couldn’t take lessons at the beginning because she had a rash that took a long time to get better. By the second session of swimming lessons Diana’s rash was better so she could start at level 1. Caroline was able to pass level 3 after the first session, but Sam had to take it again until he finally passed. The kids love to go to the indoor pool here and they are looking forward to taking more swimming lessons when they go off track from school.

Second Grade Puppet Show

Sam’s second grade class did a puppet show last school year and I thought it was about time to make a post about it. The class broke into groups and did a tiny puppet show about a story they read in class that year. Sam’s group did theirs on Tops and Bottoms. The kids prerecorded their story so they could concentrate on working their puppets and props. I was not on my best form that day taking pictures so I only got one good picture. Here it is:

Sam is the rabbit on the left.

Pinewood Derby

It’s pinewood derby time and my turn to participate in the ritual of deciding how much work I should let Sam do on his own and how much work I should do so that we can do well in the race. Fortunately for me, Sam didn’t have much patience for sanding and balancing and those type of tasks so after letting him work on the car until he was bored with it there was plenty of work left for me to do. Unfortunately for Sam, I’m not the handiest guy when it comes to tools so my efforts on the car didn’t really help our chances of winning all that much.

Sam painted it himself

When I asked Sam what color he wanted to paint it, his response was “blue”. Naturally. He also wanted to put a cool BYU logo on it but we were running out of time and I couldn’t find a good looking sticker so he ended up having to do the paint it on himself.


Presenting his car

I remember Pinewood Derby from when I was a boy: the celebration of those who won the Pinewood derby and the tears of those who didn’t. These days, the thought of any boy suffering tears of defeat causes sensitive people to swoon and faint and so we do an “everyone gets an award” cop-out. Thus, while Sam didn’t win anything because of the speed of his car, he won a “most blue” certificate or something like that. Ugh. Sorry if you’re one of the swooners and fainters, but I really don’t like the “everyone is a winner” mentality. The world is a tough place and I don’t feel the need to shelter kids from certain tough lessons in life. As The Stranger from The Big Lebowski says, “Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, he eats you”. Learning hard lessons as a boy is what life is all about and I sometimes wonder if we’re not making the world too soft and bubble-wrapped for our “precious little angels”.


He didn't win but it was still fun

Anyway, Sam had fun after the race just playing with his car on the track. I had fun watching Sam and watching the other parents until I had to leave and go to class. Of course, after doing Pinewood Derby once I learned what engineering mistakes Sand and I made. Hopefully we get another chance to correct some of those mistakes next time and maybe get a real award instead of “most blue”.

Fun at the new park

Down the road a ways the city built a new park. It is not that great, but since it is a change from the old on they have been going to it is like hitting the jackpot for the kids. One day I decided to take their pictures just for fun.

Sam’s Baptism

Sam’s Baptism was a bit different from the older kid’s baptisms because Grandma Connie and Grandpa Kent are no longer in Utah and thus can’t make it easily to the baptism. So this time it was a smaller, quiet affair.

Sam's Baptism

Sam's Baptism

Like the other kids before him, Sam got a new set of scriptures and was excited to be baptized and confirmed by his Dad. After the baptism, we came with Aunt Lori and Uncle Bryan’s family back to our house for dinner and treats.

A New Cub Scout

The best thing about turning 8 for boys is that they get to join Cub Scouts. Sam was very excited about Cub Scouts and his new uniform. Nancy wasn’t so excited about her assignment to be a Den Leader and her new yellow uniform. The family is looking forward to to Pinewood Derbys and Blue and Gold Banquets and tin-can drums and birdhouse projects for years to come.

A new Cub Scout

Sam’s 8th Birthday and the lost camera

This past Saturday we had five little friends over to celebrate Sam’s 8th birthday. It was a very low key affair. To start things off we had Pizza and lemonade, while the boys talked about video games and other boy stuff. Then we played the candy matching game which is like memory where they match two of the same candies and then they win the candy that they matched(my kids love this game for some reason).

Then we played a game similar to pin the tale on the donkey. I had Anne draw me a picture of a boy without a face (she did a FANTASTIC job) and then the boys had to draw and cut out the facial features to put on the faceless boy. The boys had fun drawing and cutting, but I think the part when we blindfolded them and put the facial features on was somewhat boring to the boys that had to wait for their turn.

After that game it was time for cake, ice cream and then presents. The boys weren’t in to cake and ice cream all that much so this part went fast.

The last thing we did was the pinata. Sam chose a pinata shaped like a football, he got to choose the candy we put in and was really excited for this part of the party. We went one time through with the blindfold and after that I just gave them the baseball bat and let each boy have at it. After about three boys it was toast, broken in half candy flying everywhere, they had a blast.

That was it for the party and the boys went home their party bags and their bellies filled. I hope everyone had fun.

Now for the lost camera bit. I would love to show you all the cool pictures I took with our camera of Sam’s birthday party, but I have no idea where the camera went. Sam says I left it on my desk and someone must have knocked it off into the garbage and now it is sitting in a landfill somewhere. The last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen island by the fruit bowl. I hope it is not in the trash and that it is sitting somewhere in the house hiding out.