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More Broken Arms

This week I was out of town at the Laguna Cliffs Resort for a Kofax reseller’s conference (Dataimage is a vendor of Kofax software and services. Incidentally, Dataimage just won Top Reseller in the Rocky Mountain region for 2005) when Nancy called me and told me that she thought Anne had broken her arm riding on the neighbor’s scooter. It’s rather irritating because last year Emily broke her arm riding on the exact same scooter.

I think the problem with the scooter is that Emily and Anne get on it and try to go as fast as their friends do when they don’t have the experience on it. Anyway, Nancy took Anne to the doctor where Anne got a splint on her arm and an appointment to come back in a few days and get a cast. During the next few days Anne complained that her other arm hurt as well so when Nancy took her to get a cast, the doctors also X-rayed the other arm.

Anne at the doctor’s office (that’s Baby Diana in the stroller)

Yup – you guessed it. It turns out that both arms were broken. This makes a total of five broken arms that our three oldest girls have suffered – three of the broken arms coming on scooters. I don’t want to outlaw the (I thought it was way lame when I was a kid and some kid’s parents wouldn’t let them jump on trampolines) but I do wish my girls would use a little common sense and not try to go as fast as their friends when they don’t have enough practice on the scooter yet.

I also wasn’t happy that Anne let other people scribble on her cast but at least she chose a good color.