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We didn’t go visit the house on the weekend but when we showed up on Monday afternoon the foundation was all poured!

Looking north

This following picture shows the notches in the foundation for the garage doors.

Looking southwest

One thing that irritates me about construction is how dirty the workers are. They leave empty containers and drink cups and other trash all over the place. Even the concrete people dump extra concrete all over the lot as opposed to going to the designated clean out station for concrete trucks which is just a street over:


I suppose it would be too much to hope for that they would actually break up this leftover concrete and haul it away. More likely they will just grade over it when they do the final grade…


Today they poured the footings:

Facing south

Facing north

New House – 05/25/2006

Turns out it only took two days for some action on the new house. Today they put in the forms for the footings.

Looking southwest from about where our driveway will be

Looking north

We’re getting excited now that they’re actually doing some work!

New House – 05/23/2006

They dug the hole for our basement and foundation today. We have 9′ walls in the basement so the hole is actually deeper than it seems in the pictures – deep enough to need a ladder in order to climb in and out of it.

Looking south from the street side of the lot

I’m not sure what Ivory is going to do with all the dirt they took out of the hole. Usually, the building will stick the dirt in one of the lots next door; however, because our house is the last house on the street to be built, Ivory supposedly delayed in digging the hole so that they could get a dump truck and put the dirt in it.

Looking south from the backyard side of the lot

Perhaps they already hauled away a bunch of dirt in a dump truck and what is remaining is just what’s needed for backfilling the foundation and grading the lot? Oh well, I wonder how long it will take to start pouring the foundation?

Site Survey

At the end of May, some activity finally occurred on the lot (we signed the papers in January) – the site was surveyed and staked out to show the house position on the lot. We actually don’t mind that the construction process is taking so long because real estate prices in the Salt Lake Valley are going through the roof and we have a price lock on our house. Already, the combination of lot and floorplan for our new house is worth $50K more than we paid for it.

Nancy and I went and reviewed the position of the house on the lot and measured the staked out area to make sure it was done according to the plan (always good to double check things):

Facing North

Facing East

If you want, you can check out the plans online. There is also a virtual tour of a model home with our same floorplan.

New House Diary

As some of you already know, we’re building a new house in South Jordan. Our current house is cramped and lacks enough bathrooms for a family of seven. Of course, when I say cramped I mean cramped by Utah standards in 2006. I often wonder if I’m being too worldly in building this house when compared with the houses my parents built or with the houses of some of my wonderful friends in the Philippines. At any rate, in January we took a big gulp, paid a down payment, and signed the construction papers. Now we get to sit back and watch the house being built.

Well, not exactly. What we really get to do is sit back and fret and fuss and worry whether or not they’re getting it right. As we go through the construction process I’ll try to update this website regularly with photos. For now, here is the empty lot:

Our Lot

Note the neighbors house to the south. The picture doesn’t show the whole lot but the lot is a little bigger than our current lot – just barely at a quarter acre. Due to the size of the house, we’ll have less yard space that our existing house. Nancy and I plan to have less grass. more flowerbeds, hopefully a nice deck, and maybe even a water feature (hey, I can always dream can’t I?)