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We haven’t been out to the new house for a while because not much has been happening. When we went out today, all the concrete flatwork in the basement and garage had been done.

The cold storage room – this will be underneath the front porch

Anne and Caroline in the garage

Nancy was worried about a crack in the basement floor. I’m not too concerned about it.

What I think is the phone line (black cable) has been run up to the demarcation point. I’m pretty sure the metal pipe will house the electric line

Completed Foundation

I’ve been in Irvine, CA on a business trip all week and the weather has been bad all week so Nancy didn’t go out and take pictures until today. The foundation has been completely backfilled and all the rough plumbing is in place.

Looking at the garage. The gravel area is where the driveway will be

Note the roughed in plumbing – I think they are the drain stacks for the upstairs kids bathroom and kitchen as well as the basement bathroom

Backfilling the Foundation

They’re in the process of putting in the window wells and backfilling up against the foundation.

Looking north at the south side of the house. The orange “D” shows where the demarcation point will be.

Looking at the back of the house towards the street. The “S” and the arrow shows where the sewer line will be and you can see the trench has been dug for the sewer

The concrete room (directly underneath the bucket of the backhoe in this picture) is a cold storage room or “fruit room”

Looking at the back of the garage. The notch will be a doorway from the garage to the back yard

Foundation Tar

Today forms were off (note the crane for lifting forms) and the foundation had been coated with that black tar-like stuff that I assume is supposed to help prevent water seepage.

Facing the front of the house. That funky notch is where the front steps/porch will go

Looking south at the north side of the house. The garage is in the foreground

Facing west, looking at the garage. You can see the lot number (321) painted on the foundation