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While the dough was rising and the turkey was cooking we loaded up all the kids in the car and took a trip to the new house. When we got there we got a surprise, the cabinets were put in and the rest of the concrete was poured for the front walkway.




The laundry room. It will be nice to get a new washer and dryer to go along with the new house.

Here are the pies I made this year. I think the cherry looked the best, but the apple tasted the best.

November 21 2006

I missed going to the new house for a few days and when I went back the paint inside was all done and the mantle was on the fireplace. I hope soon they will start doing all the other finish work in the house.


The pilasters look nice in the dining room.

The california slate tile looks good with the mantel. It will look even better when everything is all done.

New house update

Since I have to pick up the kids from their new school every day, I have a chance to stop by the new house almost every day. I take pictures whenever I have my camera with me. Here are a few I have taken lately.


They finally finished the stucco on the house. I think it looks good. When we were choosing the colors we didn’t know if it would work out once they went up, but luckily they turned out great.

Here is a picture of the railings under plastic because the painters were getting ready to paint. Now that more things are starting to get completed I am getting more excited.

Making Progress

It’s been a while since I updated the website but family vacation and selling our existing home took a lot of time. We had our home on the market for two weeks and ended up selling it for a pretty good price – not the highest price we could get but I preferred to have a quick sale and closing rather than hold out for the highest possible price. We are now renting our house back from the new owners and must be out by the end of November. Unfortunately, our new house won’t be done until December 4 at the earliest so it’s looking like a stay at the Marriott is in our future.

New-home-wise, the brick on the outside is completed and the stucco is in the processing of going on. Inside, the drywall is completed and they laid tile today. Nancy couldn’t go inside because the tile needed to set but here is a picture of the completed brickwork:


The stuff on in the driveway is the stucco mix. Hopefully the stucco will be done by the end of next week.


This year was a pretty fun Halloween. Emily, Anne, and Caroline were all various incarnations of princesses (I think Anne wanted to be called a “spider countess”). Samuel was a knight and Diana was a bumblebee. I took all the kids trick-or-treating together and they seemed to enjoy it.


After Diana got tired (halfway down the block), I let Emily and Anne go by themselves and took Caroline and Samuel for another hour. Samuel was a bit tired/whiney and I had to keep psyching him up to get him to go to the next house but Caroline was gung-ho the whole time.

This year I tried my hand at making a fancy pumpkin carving. I got a template off the internet and made this pirate skull:


It was fun but it took a long time. I made the mistake of scraping the wall of the pumpkin too thin so the pumpkin broke where the teeth are supposed to be. I think it looks best in the dark:


Next year I’ll get a little bit better and see if I can do an even fancier one.