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Tooth Tale

Caroline’s front tooth has been loose for quite a while now although she has such short stubby little teeth that they don’t wiggle much even when they’re loose. I wiggled it last night and decided that it was finally time to come out. I subscribe to the plain and simple yank-the-tooth-out-with-dental-floss method. None of those fancy tie it to a door knob or tie it to a brick techniques for me. I tie the floss on and then count one-two-three; however, I yank on two and the tooth is out before they even know it.

In my experience, upper teeth are harder to pull out than lower teeth because upper teeth don’t have an hourglass shape that the dental floss can get good traction on; however, Caroline’s tooth came out rather easily without the floss slipping. She was excited to show it off and pose for the camera and she got four quarters from the tooth fairy.


Grocery shopping and car troubles

Mondays are busy working days for me since I don’t do much housework on the weekends. Today while I was at the grocery store a funny thing hapened when I was in the produce department. While I was busy picking out some nice peaches, Samuel decided he would like to try a delicious looking pepper. Before I knew what was hapening he was tugging on my sleeve and pointing to his mouth and saying “It’s hot, It’s hot!!” Then he promptly spit the stuff into my hand and headed directly for the drinking fountain to cool himself off (not that it helped very much). He spent the rest of the shopping trip sticking out his toungue trying to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth. I hope he learned his lesson that you shouldn’t go eating produce unless you buy it or ask someone what it is first.

On my next errand I was going to Sam’s Club to get some gas for my car. After getting gas I got in the car and expected to drive away, but the car wouldn’t start. So I got a couple of guys who were pumping gas next to me to help me move my car to the parking lot. I tried to get the car to start but it wouldn’t and one of the guys helping me said that it sounded like it was the car’s battery, so they gave me a jump start and I headed straight to the nearest auto parts store and got a new battery, now my car works just like new.

Now I hope the rest of my week is better than today.

Sleeping in Sacrament Meeting

In sacrament meeting today we thought we lucked out when the speakers ended about ten minutes early and one of the bishopric members went straight to the closing song without having someone bear a testimony or something. What we didn’t know was that we had the slowest chorester and organist in the whole church in our ward. The hymn was Who’s on the Lord’s Side? which is supposed to be played energetically but was played as slow as cold tar. I usually love to sing but because it was so slow I stopped singing. To top it all off the guy who said the closing prayer said the longest prayer I have ever heard in a regular church meeting. While he was praying the kids were getting really antsy and very noisy. When it was all over BYUFan whispered to me “That was one hell of a prayer!!” So we ended up getting out a little late instead of a little early. So how was your Sunday?

Grandpa Ray Toolboard v2.0

This morning I woke up relatively early and started off by weeding the garden. We have an infestation of morning glory, aka field bindweed, which is one of the most evil weeds in the world (or at least in my yard). It has a root system that won’t quit and is incredibly hard to get rid of. When the morning glory gets into the grass, I treat it with weed killer but I prefer not to put weed killer into the garden so I’m stuck with the old traditional method of digging it out by hand. Nancy came out after making the kids breakfast and helped me until it got too hot.


Our next project of the day was tackling the garage. After using the garage as our unboxing/sorting place for the last six months, we decided it was high time to put up another Grandpa Ray toolboard. We made a trip to Lowe’s for supplies and after much sweeping, hammering, and sweating, we had ourselves a genuine Grandpa Ray toolboard in the garage.


Night at the Ballpark

My company bought a bunch of Salt Lake Bees baseball tickets this year and each Thursday home game is company night at the ballpark. Why Thursday? Well, Thursdays are called “Thirsty Thursday” and beer is only $2.50 a glass so naturally that is the best night to hold a company event.


I usually take a kid or two with me depending upon how many tickets are available. Last week I took Emily and Caroline and this week was Anne’s turn. I don’t think they really enjoy baseball but they do enjoy eating sno-cones, churros, peanuts, swedish fish, and sour patch kids. I enjoy watching the game, chatting with my colleagues, and sharing treats with the kids. We take our gloves to the game in case a foul ball comes to us but so far we haven’t been lucky enough to get one.

Anne at the ballpark

Tonight was a double header because last night’s game was rained out. We got there just at the end of the first game which the Bees lost. There was a little rain during the second game but fortunately we were under the overhand and stayed nice and dry. Unfortunately the Bees lost the second game as well. All in all it’s a fun way to spend a summer evening.

The Beginning of another school year

I can’t believe it is time for school to start again. It will be Emily’s last year in elementary school and Samuel’s first. Samuel actually starts a week after the rest of the kids because for the first week the kindergarteners have one on one meetings with the teacher. I took the girls last week to pick out new backpacks and lunch boxes. One nice thing is that I didn’t have to buy them any new school clothes because Grandma got them some already when they were in Cedar City. They were so excited to go to school today that they all were awake and dressed before I got up. When it was time to head for the bus I got them to pose for a picture so I could post it here. I took five pictures because the kids wouldn’t cooperate and look in the camera.


After school the kids said that they had a good day and they like their new teachers. The one thing I hate about the first day of school is all the paperwork you have to fill out and sign when they get home. It took me about a half hour to finish reading and signing the stuff. Luckily now I don’t have to do it again until next year. I wonder when Emily goes to middle school next year what kind of forms and stuff I will have to fill out.

Where have we been?

No, we didn’t lose Internet connectivity. We don’t have any legitimate excuse like that. It’s just that, well, we got into a big lazy rut during the summer where we didn’t do anything and I was just too lazy to post. (Oh, and that little matter of Harry Potter coming out on Saturday and Nancy and I spending the last four days reading it whenever get a free moment. Both Nancy and I don’t like it when the other person reads ahead so the last few books we’ve read together – either out loud to each other or silently over each other’s shoulders.)
Fortunately, our lazy summer is coming to an end because tomorrow is the first day of school. It will be nice to get back to a routine and I’m sure Nancy will be glad to get some free time during the day now. The kids got assigned C track this year (we wanted D track) and so they start earlier in the summer than we are used to. We also have a vacation planned in October that will require the kids to miss a week of school. If we had the D track that we had asked for the kids would have been off school during the vacation week. Nancy was a bit fussed about having the kids miss a week of school but I’m not too worried about it. If the school whines about it I’ll just tell them it’s their own fault – they should have given us D track.

Today was the 24th of July – Pioneer Day in Utah. I had the day off but we didn’t really have any plans. I originally set out to be productive and get lots of stuff done around the house but good intentions didn’t count for much and I basically did nothing all day. Oh well, those are the best types of holidays.

After the kids last piano recital we decided to give them a month off and also to find a new piano teacher. I did some calling around and found a new teacher in Sandy that I hope will work out well. The old teacher wasn’t bad per se, we just felt like the kids would do better under a different teacher. Today was their first lesson and they seemed to come back excited about their new teacher so hopefully we’ll have a good fit and the girls will make progress. I also turned Caroline over to the new teacher starting today. I taught the first two for aobut a year each before I turned them over to a real teacher but Caroline has been so frustrating for me, and I’ve also lost my steam for teaching so we weren’t really making any progress. Caroline was the most excited about her new teacher so I’m hopeful that she won’t drag her feet about practicing as much as she did with me. I have about another year or so before Samuel’s ready to start taking. I’m really interested to see how he’ll do as he will be the first (and only) boy that I’ve taught.

So, that is a slight summary of the past week. Sorry for letting a week lapse in between posts.

TV on Tap

After holding out since January without any TV service, the idea of being TV-less through the football season was too much to take. I finally broke down and reordered the satellite dish (Dish Network). I really wish the MTN television network (which carries many BYU away games) was on the satellites but I dislike Comcast cable TV so much that I’m willing to forgo watching a few BYU away games on our TV set rather than send my money to Comcast. Last year I was able to watch MTN games online on my computer so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do that this year as well. If not then I can always go to a friend’s house.

The satellite guys are coming out on Wednesday to hook up the new dish. Hopefully all my planning and pre-wiring will make for an easy install. At the very least I’ll no longer have black coaxial cable hanging out the side of my house. Here’s to a great upcoming football season in all it’s televised glory.

Casualty of Summer

The Austrian pine in the front yard appears to be the first casualty of our unusually dry and hot spring/summer. It looked good during the spring but as soon as the temperature got over 100 degrees it turned brown. A few weeks later we had a wind storm and the next morning all the needles were laying on the ground.


I went out today and pulled the tree out of the ground with my bare hands. The soil was well watered but for whatever reason the tree just never really took root. Hopefully the Austrian pine will be the only casualty this summer. The Rocky Mountain Maples in the back yard are looking a bit sad and beat up but still have green leaves and are pliable so I haven’t given up hope yet. If we can get through this rough summer with only losing one tree I will consider our planting efforts a big success.

Summer Swimming

Nancy never takes the kids to the pool during the week so by the time the weekend rolls around they are begging me to take them. I don’t mind going to the pool so after I finished the yardwork we went to the pool today. Amazingly enough Nancy actually got her swimming suit on and got in the water this time (usually she walks over to the pool after the rest of us, sits in a chair for a few minutes, and leaves before the rest of us).

Jumping Samuel

It’s actually more fun with Nancy there because she can watch Diana and I can play with the other kids. We stayed for quite a while today and played Marco Polo, tunnel contests, hold breath underwater contests, walking on hands contests, chicken fights, three man pyramids, and every other game I could think of to play in the water. Unfortunately, I stayed in the pool too long and am now typing this with a bright red sunburn on my back and shoulders that were exposed above the water. My face and arms are already farmer-tanned so I only burned on my neck and back.


Diana was happy to finally be able to get in the water after being banished to dry land for the past few weeks because of her surgery. In the end it was a fun Saturday afternoon at the pool. Unfortunately for the kids, they start school after this next week so the thoughts of lazy summer days at the pool are quickly coming to an end.