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Piano Recital

This past Wednesday was the girls’ piano recital with their new teacher. The recital was held at their teachers house which kind of reminded me of how Mrs. McKinley used to have recitals at her house when I was a boy. So far this teacher has worked out pretty well. All teachers have their pros and cons but this teacher’s pros currently outweigh the cons. Although she lives 1/2 hour away, she is affordable and takes all three of them one after the other so Nancy drops them all off after school and I pick them all up on my way home from work.

Texas went first:

Texas playing “Pop Goes the Weasel” and “Strolling Along”

Next was Emily:

Emily playing “Jocularity” and “Heather”

Followed by Anne:

Anne playing “Canon in D” and “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Allegro”

Grandma Connie and Grandpa Kent came to the recital as well. I was a bit concerned that with 17 students it would take forever but they went pretty fast (although recitals always get boring at the end). Samuel and Diana were pretty good during the recital as well and the best part was that everyone got a donut afterwards.

Snow Day

The kids have been waiting a whole year to play in the snow at our new house. Last year the yard was just dirt, so no way was I going to let them out in the snow to get all muddy and gross. This year however we have a nice yard with grass so no mud in the house. I dressed them all up in their winter gear and sent them outside with one rule, they all had to come back in through the garage so they didn’t get snow all over the house. I let them out and while they played I went out in the front yard to help BYUFan shovel the snow. They played for a good hour before they got too cold an tired and decided it was time to head in to get some hot chocolate.