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Fiddling with my camera

The other night I noticed there was a pretty full moon outside so I wanted to get a good picture of it. The only problem is that my little camera is not quite good enough to get the picture of it. I took quite a few pictures and only one was even close to what I wanted. Here are a few for you to look at.

This is the only passable moon photo I took.

Our first crop of the season

The beets were the first of our plants to sprout and the first ones we got to eat. BYUFan picked them and I washed and cooked them. We tried some of the greens for dinner but we decided that the beets themselves tasted a lot better than the greens. The only problem with eating beets is that if you didn’t know you just ate them you would think that you needed to go to the doctor after the beets made their way through your digestive tract. Think red, almost blood red. Maybe that is TMI.

Garden Invasion

South Jordan is putting in streetlights in for the street behind our house so they had to dig a hole under the back fence to put wiring through. I couldn’t quite explain to BYUFan what they did so I took a couple of pictures. When they finally put in landscaping on the other side of the fence who knows what else they will have to do in our yard.

Diana’s Birthday

A couple of months ago it was Diana’s birthday and I forgot to post some pictures. Even though she didn’t have a friend party like Sam she still had fun opening presents and eating cake and ice cream with her family.

Spring Flowers

I thought it would be cool to take some close up pictures of the flowers in our yard so maybe at a later date I could blow them up and make some cool artwork for my walls. I am not a very good photographer so I wasn’t too sure if they would look good, but after I got them on the computer I saw that they weren’t too bad. Tell me what you think?

Bad Allergies

The grass pollen count in Utah has been off the charts lately. Here is today’s count:

You can get the daily count from the Intermountain Asthma and Allergy website.

On Saturday I was at the kids soccer games (last games of the season – hooray!) but it was windy and I couldn’t stop sneezing. It got so bad I had to call Nancy and have her come and swap places with me. Sunday I was stuffed up with a headache all day. Other than opening the nice cards and letters the kids gave me, I basically spent Fathers Day resting (definitely an excellent Fathers Day activity in my opinion). I’m basically trying to stay indoors and not go outside into the wind and pollen. I feel a bit better today but the lawn still needs to be mowed and the garden tended and I’m not looking forward to the stuffiness and sneezing and itchy eyes, mouth, nose, throat, and ears. I wonder how many footrubs it would take to bribe Nancy into doing the yardwork?

Spring Recital

Last week we went to the girls spring piano recital. Grandpa Kent and Grandma Connie were in town and able to come and the kids were excited to have them there. Texas was up first. She played Colors of the Wind by Menken and Stuck on C by Vandall


I generally like what their teacher does with the exception of recitals. The teacher let’s them play pieces in their recital that they haven’t fully learned. I really wish the teacher would require them to memorize their pieces and not let them play pieces that they haven’t fully prepared. I also wish the teacher would teach them to bow afterwards.

Next was Emily. She played Witch’s Dance by Hill and Song For a Princess by Miller.


I think Emily has improved significantly since the last recital. Because she’s not fond of counting, she typically does better on the types of flowing songs where a rigid rhythm isn’t as important. She’s also learning to play hymns and plays for the Young Women organization in church occasionally. I have no dreams of my kids making it to Carnegie Hall. In fact, I’ve always thought that if my kids learn well enough to play hymns in church, the lessons will have been worth it. It looks like Emily is well on her way to achieving that standard. Now I just have to figure out how to get her to memorize her songs.

Anne followed Emily and played Fur Elise by Beethoven and Dorothy by Smith.


Anne probably enjoys playing the most out of the kids and I think it shows in her progress. She does a good job of memorizing her songs. She also delights in the fact that her pieces are becoming more difficult for me to simply sight read without mistakes. Although not a child prodigy, I think she did a pretty decent job for a 10 year old.

After the recital Grandpa Kent and Grandma Connie were gracious in enduring the chatter of our excited kids as they took us out for an ice cream celebration. It was a great way to top off a fun evening.

A Surprise in the Window Well

This afternoon as I was headed outside to get the garbage can and put it away, my next door neighbor called me over to look inside her window well and see what was inside. I peeked in and I saw what looked like a big ball of fur. My neighbor didn’t really know what it was and I didn’t either. Luckily she had already called animal control and all we had to do was to wait a few minutes until they arrived to finally see what was lurking inside the window well. My neighbor went inside for a few minutes so I decided to run and get my camera so I could take a picture or two. Just as I got back outside the lady from animal control showed up with a cage and a stick with a rope attached. As she was trying to get the rope around the animals neck, I was able to shoot a couple of quick pictures of the animal which turned out to be a pretty big Raccoon. Once the thing was securely got around the neck he was promptly taken to the truck and taken care of. It was great how quickly everything was wrapped up. My neighbor didn’t even get back outside in time to see all the fun. Luckily I took pictures and quickly printed them off for her.

Ball of Fur
Raccoon in the Well
Raccoon to the Truck