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My world this week

BYUFan is gone yet again on another business trip. He says after this he doesn’t have to go anywhere for three weeks. It will be strange to have to start cooking normal dinners when he gets back. This week is full of things to do. Yesterday I had Presidency meeting for primary and then after school I had to take the girls to piano lessons and then I had to turn around quickly and take Emily to stake standards night. I think she had a lot of fun because she didn’t get home until 9pm. Today after dropping Luppin off to preschool I spent two hours at the tire place spending BYUFan’s hard earned money on new tires for my Toyota. I probably could have gotten away with only replacing two tires, but I thought since I was there I might as well get them all replaced so I wouldn’t have to go back anytime soon. It seems that when you think you have lots of cash to go around things like car repairs takes a big chunk of it away. It will be crunch time soon and I will have to buckle up. This coming Sunday is our primary’s sacrament meeting program so late afternoon on Friday we will be having our final run-through. Only two of my kids have small parts so luckily I don’t have to worry about helping them memorize too much. I did however teach the senior primary how to sing the first verse of I am a Child of God in Japanese, so I will be leading them in that at the beginning of the program. Last Sunday when we practiced it the kids seemed to have memorized the song pretty well. I will have to report how we did next week. Next week there is not much going on so it will be nice to get some work done around the house for a change.

Within the past two weeks Sam has lost two bottom front teeth. He was so happy to have money from the tooth fairy because he wanted to be like his big sisters and buy a soda from the soda machine in front of the grocery store. First he wanted to take all his money and spend it, but I reminded him that he had given the lesson in Family Home Evening on Monday about Tithing and that we needed to put ten percent of his money into tithing. At first he was not happy but then he realized that ten percent didn’t mean all of it. So yesterday while the girls were at piano lessons I took him to the store and he went and bought himself a sprite.

This is a picture of Sam after he lost his first tooth.

Mr. Mantis

A couple of weeks ago Luppin was helping me water our garden, when I noticed a praying mantis on the lawn. I pointed it out to her and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. I told her that she should not hurt the big bug because it was a good bug that ate the bad bugs. Every time Luppin would go to fill the watering can she would walk past the mantis and say, “mommy, look, Mr. Mantis is still here!” or she would point out that she was being careful and not stepping on him. I thought she was being really cute so I took a picture of her and the bug.

Comments Fixed

The comments and broken links should be working now. I’m not sure what the problem was but I just upgraded to a newer version of the blog software and that seemed to fix it.

Also, I’ve been getting mad at Nancy because she’s not pulling her weight in the posting department. Her last post was over a month ago. She has pictures of Sam losing his first tooth, Luppin chasing a preying mantis in our lawn, and our last BYU football game that she is supposed to post about. Everyone bug her to post them!

Hello from Honolulu

Last week Toronto, this week Honolulu. Our company has a contract with a Hawaiian government agency which will involve an estimated 14 man-weeks here in Honolulu. All of my staff wanted to come for this project but I keep telling them that it’s going to be all business with very little time 7for play.

Luckily, Delta has a direct flight from Salt Lake to Honolulu which makes the trip out here not too painful. The only problem is that the direct flight back leaves Honolulu at 9:00 p.m. and arrives in Salt Lake City at 7:30 the next morning. There’s nothing I hate worse than red-eye flights.

The government office is near the Mariott Ko Olina resort on the west side of the Island. There aren’t a whole lot of reasonably price hotels around there so we’ll probably mostly end up staying in the tourist areas of Honolulu/Waikiki. This trip I’m at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. My balcony is a “beach view” but that really means if I crane my neck around the edge of the wall I can see the water.


Tonight I took a stroll down Waikiki. The last time I was here was as a 12 years old. I remember it being a dirty, touristy, cheesy place – not nearly as fun as the hotel on Kaanapali Beach in Maui where we also stayed on the same trip. This time; however, Waikiki was fun and interesting. The most fun part of it was the people watching. There really was “one of each color jellybean” as somebody I know is fond of saying. There were street performers (magicians, statue guys, artists, etc.) native Hawaiians on the beach for the Labor Day holiday, Japanese tourists snapping photos, European tourists smoking and wearing speedos and bikinis, and even homeless people pawing through the garbage cans. If you like people watching then Waikiki on a holiday is the place to be.

Unfortunately, people watching isn’t nearly as fun by yourself as it is with a friend. I kept thinking it would be fun to have Nancy with me so we could sit on a bench and chat and point out interesting sights. I really don’t plan on spending the whole fourteen weeks of the project here – that would mean I’ve failed to build up a good staff – but I wouldn’t mind coming over here at least once more. The hard part will be finding someone to watch the kids so I can have Nancy come with me.

Ever Been to Toronto, eh?

I spent last week in Toronto. We’re partnering with a Canadian company on a forms processing deal that would be the biggest deal in the history of our company. We flew to Philly on Monday night, spent the night in the airport hotel, and left early Tuesday morning for Canada. We worked on the RFP response Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then spent Friday flying home.

Looking out from my hotel – Lake Ontario, the Rogers Center (where the Blue Jays play), and the base of the CN tower

Toronto was an interesting place. The Toronto area has about 5 million people and the city itself had a very cosmopolitan feel. I enjoyed walking down the waterfront on Lake Ontario and watching the dinner cruise ships (“booze cruise” is what the locals supposedly call them) set sail, walking through the “entertainment” district with theaters and restaurants, and gazing up at the CN tower out my hotel window while trying not to get dizzy. The CN tower was the tallest structure in the world until the Burj Dubai passed it just last year.

Looking up at the CN tower

Our Canadian partners were pretty good to work with and I chuckled to myself each time I heard an “eh”. We got the RFP response done on time so the trip was productive. I’ll probably have to go back to Toronto in a couple of weeks to do the final pitch to the customer but it’s definitely a city I wouldn’t mind visiting again.