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Buddy’s VIP Program

Last Friday I was able to stand in for Samuel’s grandparents at the first grade annual grandparent’s/VIP day. This was the culmination of all the first graders work on memorizing poems and songs during the school year. Samuel was so excited about this day that he kept reminding me about it constantly. I got there about ten minutes before it started and the gym was already about half full. Since it was only me, I was able to snag a lone chair in the front on the side. Luckily I chose the side that Samuel was on so I could take a pretty good video of him singing. After all the fun was over everyone got to go with their student to their classroom and see all the work they have done and also get a roll and some juice. Samuel was excited to show me who he sat by and all the fun things about his classroom. I think the best part for Samuel was being able to leave school early and go and get a treat with mom. Samuel, you are the best first grader ever!
Here is Samuel getting ready to sing

Here is Samuel in his classroom

Someday I’ll Grow Broccoli

Our seeds came from Burpees while I was in Hawaii. It was a bummer too because last week was the perfect weather for early spring planting of pea seeds. This week it’s wet and rainy. I was wondering how people manage to sow seeds in early spring when the soil is so wet and then I recently read a helpful hint that said if you prepare a section of your garden in fall with rows and such then you won’t need to actually till it in the spring but you can go out and just plant right in the prepared section without really working the soil. I hope I remember this tip (and have the gumption to try it) when fall rolls around.

8 peat pots with two seeds each

Tonight was the first night I had a bit of free time so I got my broccoli seeds planted. I’ve been reading a bit about broccoli and it turns out you’re supposed to plant your transplants outside in early spring. I had been planting my seeds in early spring and then putting the transplants out when it was way too warm. Maybe that’s why I fail to ever get a single head of broccoli. Well, that and the cutworms last year that ate my beautiful broccoli plants. Unfortunately, I always read about things after it’s too late to do anything about it and it turns out that the time to start my broccoli seeds passed several weeks ago. Thus, I started them late again this year. We’ll probably fail to get any broccoli for the fourth consecutive year but I’m too stubborn to quit now. I don’t really have a strong passion for broccoli. It’s just now that I’ve tried and failed a few times, I’m even more determined to grow at least one head of broccoli before I exile it with the other outcasts to the land of “Not Worth Planting”. There it will live in infamy along with lettuce, cauliflower, zucchini, and squash.

February Doldrums

February was a slow month for posting – only one legitimate post. Sorry about that folks. We’ll try to do better during March.

I’ve added a post to the February archives: Luppin’s Reward