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A New Cub Scout

The best thing about turning 8 for boys is that they get to join Cub Scouts. Sam was very excited about Cub Scouts and his new uniform. Nancy wasn’t so excited about her assignment to be a Den Leader and her new yellow uniform. The family is looking forward to to Pinewood Derbys and Blue and Gold Banquets and tin-can drums and birdhouse projects for years to come.

A new Cub Scout

Camera Update

I went outside to check the garbage can in case the camera had fallen in, and I found it. Luckily it wasn’t in too deep so I could reach in and get it with not too much searching in the muck. So now I will put some pictures in my post about Samuel’s birthday party.

Sam’s 8th Birthday and the lost camera

This past Saturday we had five little friends over to celebrate Sam’s 8th birthday. It was a very low key affair. To start things off we had Pizza and lemonade, while the boys talked about video games and other boy stuff. Then we played the candy matching game which is like memory where they match two of the same candies and then they win the candy that they matched(my kids love this game for some reason).

Then we played a game similar to pin the tale on the donkey. I had Anne draw me a picture of a boy without a face (she did a FANTASTIC job) and then the boys had to draw and cut out the facial features to put on the faceless boy. The boys had fun drawing and cutting, but I think the part when we blindfolded them and put the facial features on was somewhat boring to the boys that had to wait for their turn.

After that game it was time for cake, ice cream and then presents. The boys weren’t in to cake and ice cream all that much so this part went fast.

The last thing we did was the pinata. Sam chose a pinata shaped like a football, he got to choose the candy we put in and was really excited for this part of the party. We went one time through with the blindfold and after that I just gave them the baseball bat and let each boy have at it. After about three boys it was toast, broken in half candy flying everywhere, they had a blast.

That was it for the party and the boys went home their party bags and their bellies filled. I hope everyone had fun.

Now for the lost camera bit. I would love to show you all the cool pictures I took with our camera of Sam’s birthday party, but I have no idea where the camera went. Sam says I left it on my desk and someone must have knocked it off into the garbage and now it is sitting in a landfill somewhere. The last time I saw it, it was on the kitchen island by the fruit bowl. I hope it is not in the trash and that it is sitting somewhere in the house hiding out.

It’s Great to Be Six

What fun it is to be a 6 year old. Life is a series of birthday parties, losing teeth, enjoying kindergarten, and playing with friends. What’s not to like?

Another lost tooth

Our 6 year old, Diana, lost another tooth the other day. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that Diana’s tooth got pulled out by Dad who, after 5 kids, has plenty of experience extracting loose teeth and has no patience for watching kids wiggle and play with loose teeth for weeks before they fall out on their own.

No friend party this year - bummer

Diana wasn’t lucky enough to get a “friend party” this year. I can’t remember if the kids get a “friend party” on their even or odd numbered birthdays but it seems to me that the policy is flexible and depends largely upon how busy or tired Nancy is. So, bummer for Diana this year that there wasn’t a friend party but even a family birthday party is still good.

Still, any birthday party is a great day

Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies, Barbies, and lip gloss are the things that delight 6 year old girls. They’re also the type of things that I endlessly find strewn about the house. It seems as if we have a thousand Pollies, Ponies, and Barbies lying around but for some reason our collection is never complete. Happy Birthday Diana. Don’t grow up too quickly. I hope you enjoy Pollies, Ponies, and Barbies for several years to come.

Chinese Immersion Update

I have decided not to put Diana in the Chinese immersion program at school because, of course, they have it on the worst track in year round school. I went to the informational meeting at the end of March looking forward to hearing how great the program was. It did indeed sound very good and I really wanted to put Diana in, but at the very end of the evening my bubble was burst when they announced that the track that the program would be on was B track. I hate this track because the kids are out all of December and it does not work well with having other kids on traditional schedules.

2009 Winter Recitals

December was recital time. Emily, Anne, and Caroline’s recital was at the piano teacher’s house. Sam’s recital was at the West Jordan Library.

Emily played Petite Russian Rhapsody by John Thompson and I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schönberg:

Anne played the Raindrop Prelude by Chopin and the Minute Waltz by Chopin:

Caroline played Hogwarts Hymn by Patrick Doyle and Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John:

Samuel played Chocolate Cake by Bastien:

7th Grade Band Concert

Anne’s 7th grade band had a concert last year at Christmas time. It’s taken me this long just to get around to posting the video. Thank goodness for Conference weekend where I can catch up on all this stuff. Nancy was the videographer on this one.

I don’t know what would possess someone to become a 7th grade band teacher but I’m glad that there are people out there who are willing to take on the job. I’m betting that 7th grade band teachers are among the highest consumers of aspirin and acetaminophen.

Anne is one of only two girls in percussion. She is looking forward to next year when she can be in concert band and jazz band.