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Updated basement pictures

The cabinet guy got done with his work for today and here is the semi-finished product.

New Office Cabinets

A couple of months ago we decided to finish our basement. Brian thought that it would also be a great time to get cabinets put in his office. Today was the day that they got put in. Even though there are a few more touch ups to be done on them, I think they turned out really nice.

No More Training Wheels for Us!

It finally happened about a month ago, Diana taught herself to ride a bike without training wheels. I am so glad she was not like Anne or Caroline who fussed and fretted about riding without training wheels. All of Diana’s friends on the street learned how to ride a bike last year so Diana decided that it was her turn. She got on our littlest bike and kept on trying to ride it until she was successful. Here are the pictures to prove it: