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Snow Day

I am sure glad that I took care of the tomatoes yesterday because this is what my garden looked like today.

A couple of days ago we had some snow, but not enough for the kids to play in. Luckily last nights storm brought in enough for the kids to enjoy!

Goodbye to Gardening

Since it is supposed to get to the freezing point tonight I decided it was time to get rid of all of the tomato plants. It was hard work especially because we had at least ten plants. Most of the tomatoes were still green, but I heard that they will ripen okay inside so I decided to pick them all and get rid of all the vines. As you can tell by the picture I could not fit all of them into our garbage can. Instead I have to leave them in the middle of the garden until little by little they will get to the landfill. Here are the pictures of my labors……….

It doesn’t look like much, but it took me all morning to get it done!

Now I just have to wait for them to turn red!

We also had a very good crop of raspberries this year. I tried to tie the raspberry bush up using twine, but I didn’t buy very strong stuff so here is the result.

We did get lots of yummy raspberries which we turned into yummy raspberry muffins!

My Startup Adventure

While life at Dataimage was good, I started to feel a bit stagnant and, although I hadn’t finished my Masters degree yet, decided to jump at the opportunity when a couple of former colleagues told me about a startup they were working at. I’ve worked for big companies and small companies and startups in the past. In fact, this was my third time at a startup. Although in some respects software development is the same no matter where you work, the different types of companies all have their own interesting mix of challenges and rewards.

As a startup, we moved offices three times in one year due to growth, expiring leases and the like. While we were still waiting around for some office furniture I snapped this photo of the temporary desk I rigged up from a table missing a leg and a stack of unused chairs.


Truly a desk fit for a startup

That’s life at a startup – prop up a table and keep on coding.

I also had the opportunity to represent the company at a trade show. On second thought, opportunity isn’t the best word because I really detest trade shows. I detest them when I’m a guest, walking my way through endless booths looking searching for an interesting product or vendor, and I detest them as an exhibitor, telling the same story over and over again and trying to be positive and upbeat while my feet are killing me and the guy in the booth next door with the loud microphone is blaring endlessly throughout the day. Never again will I underestimate how tough it is to be a “booth babe”.


The view from the booth

If I never have to go to another trade show in my life it won’t be soon enough. Aside from my stint as the designated tech geek in the booth, I’m currently enjoying the challenges of working at a fast-paced startup.

September 2011 Update: After a year at the startup I finally completed my Masters Degree and decided to accept a management opportunity with Adobe Systems.

We’ll Miss You Barrel Man, But Not Much

With BYU announcing football independence last month, this 2010 football season will be the last time we’ll see most of the MWC foes on the football field for quite a while. Frankly, I’m not terribly sad about no longer playing some of the MWC teams but I will miss seeing Wyoming’s Barrel Man every once in a while.

Barrel Man has been a regular fixture at the MWC tourney in Vegas and I’ve seen a few times at Lavell Edwards Stadium. He made an appearance for the BYU Wyoming game this month and I’ve got to give him props for braving the cold and wet in his barrel.


Wyoming's Barrel Man

I’ll miss you Barrel Man, but I don’t think I’ll miss you enough to want to be in a conference again with Wyo.

Sam has consistently been my best football buddy over the past few years. He enjoys going to the games and it’s been fun to watch him learn more about the sport over time. In the past he used to enjoy going because he knew there was a good chance he would get treats. Now he goes for both the treats and the game which makes it a bit more fun.


Sam at Legacy Hall

His sisters still enjoy going for the treats but I can tell it’s only about the treats because their list of things they would rather do besides go to the game tends to get longer as the temperatures get colder.

Sam’s artwork

Today is my birthday and Sam made a special picture for me. It is interesting that when my girls draw pictures they draw a scene, but when Sam draws a picture he tells a story. Can you see the story behind this picture?

The Carpet is in!

Here is our basement with nice new carpet!

Once Brian is done with the wiring, this is where the entertainment area will be.

Now we have our own cupboard under the stairs.

This will be Anne’s room

This will be Emily’s room

Spring Soccer

This year Caroline and Diana were the only kids who wanted to play soccer. Diana was improved from last year. She finally ran with the hordes of kids to get to the ball instead of just standing there looking at it. Caroline’s team was really good and only lost one game. Caroline’s best position on the team is defense, she is good at kicking the ball out of the way so the other team can’t get a goal. I am proud of them for doing a good job this year.

Diana’s favorite time in soccer

Caroline posing for a picture

Diana amongst the horde

Summer Swimming Lessons

This year Caroline and Sam started swimming lessons at level 3. They can now swim well enough that I don’t have to keep a constant eye on them when they are at our community pool. Diana couldn’t take lessons at the beginning because she had a rash that took a long time to get better. By the second session of swimming lessons Diana’s rash was better so she could start at level 1. Caroline was able to pass level 3 after the first session, but Sam had to take it again until he finally passed. The kids love to go to the indoor pool here and they are looking forward to taking more swimming lessons when they go off track from school.

Second Grade Puppet Show

Sam’s second grade class did a puppet show last school year and I thought it was about time to make a post about it. The class broke into groups and did a tiny puppet show about a story they read in class that year. Sam’s group did theirs on Tops and Bottoms. The kids prerecorded their story so they could concentrate on working their puppets and props. I was not on my best form that day taking pictures so I only got one good picture. Here it is:

Sam is the rabbit on the left.