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Sam’s Wolf Award


Sam receiving his Wolf award

Sam was excited to receive his Wolf award at the Pack Meeting. With so many other boys Sam’s age, there were a lot of awards being handed out which tends to make Pack Meeting go a bit long but I appreciate the work that the Cub Scout leaders do and the time they spend on Sam’s behalf. Because Nancy is a Den Mother, she’s been the most involved with Sam’s cub achievements. That being said, I think she’ll be glad when all the boys Sam’s age move on to the Bear den. Planning Den Meeting for 8-10 nine-year old boys is a lot of work.

Congratulations Sam!

Ice Skating with Caroline

The past few years the Activity Days group has had a daddy-daughter ice skating activity. I enjoy ice skating, although my ankles certainly don’t appreciate it the next day. In the past I’ve gone with Emily and Anne. This year was Caroline’s turn.

Caroline 2011

Caroline on ice

Caroline is a rather timid ice skater at first but eventually she gets the hang of it and enjoys zooming around the small rink here in South Jordan.


Getting the hang of it…

Fortunately for my ankles, this will be the last ice skating for a few years as Caroline will be in Young Women this time next year. It will be a few years of Girls Camp and Scout Camp before it’s Diana’s turn to ice skate with the Activity Days group.

January Birthdays

Caroline and Dad's Birthday

Caroline and Dad’s Birthday

Unfortunately for Caroline, it wasn’t her turn for a friend party this year so she had to share her birthday party with me. I guess that’s just the price you pay when your birthday is a day after your dads. On the plus side, you get to have two different kinds of cake!