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Another lost tooth



How can you tell if a kid is 7 years old? By their missing teeth, of course! Unfortunately, the tooth fairy is pretty distracted in our house and is famous for not remembering to come. Wonder how many days will go by with Diana dropping hints about it before the tooth fairy will remember to come?

April Birthdays

Sam and Diana have birthdays only a few days apart. I can never remember which person’s birthday is on which day. Luckily for Sam and Diana, the got to have separate birthday celebrations this month instead of getting a combined one like Caroline and I do.


Sam’s birthday but Diana just can’t wait for hers


Happy Birthday 9 year old

Sam’s birthday is first but Diana has a hard time waiting a few more days until her celebration. She wishes that her birthday came first each year. Of course if it came first then she would be wishing that it was her birthday again when the second person’s celebration rolled around a few days later. Not many things are better than birthday cake and presents when you’re turning 7 years old.


Diana posing on her birthday


Happy Birthday 7 year old

Easter 2011


Anne – Easter 2011

Our typical low-key Easter. Some easter eggs in the back yard, a bit of candy and that’s about it. This year the weather was rather warm for early April and we’ve already put parts of our garden in.


Sam – Easter 2011


Diana – Easter 2011

It looks like both the lawn and Sam’s hair are ready for a mow.


Easter 2011