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Emily’s Birthday 2011

Emily turned 16 this month and we had her birthday party a few days ago. Nothing special for her Sweet 16th birthday – just a boring family party. Sorry Emily – that’s what happens when you have a December birthday.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16

There are two good things about being 16:

1. You can get your driver’s license
2. Because you can drive and are mobile with friends and such, you also finally get a mobile phone

Finally!  A mobile phone

Finally! A mobile phone

Nancy and I have held out on getting our kids mobile phones. I see no reason why a 12 year old, or 15 year old for that matter, needs a phone. But once they turn 16 and get a driver license they have a measure of independence that they didn’t have before and having a phone on you can be handy (Emily is under strict instructions to not use her phone at all while in the car).

I had Anne go with me to the phone store to figure out what kind of phone to get. I’m sure she would have liked something cool like an iPhone but no way was I getting a phone that required a data plan. I was worried that if I got her one of the cheap ones that the kids at school might think she was “uncool” but Anne convinced me not to worry about it when she said: “Nobody at school makes fun of what kind of phone you have, Dad. Just having a phone is good enough.” Sounds good to me. If Emily wants a fancier phone with a data plan and such she can pay for it herself.

Happy Birthday Emily! (and absolutely no using the phone unless you are pulled over on the side of the road!)

Christmas Lights

This year the weather was nice so I decided to get up on the roof and do the lights. Usually I manage to wait around long enough until I can use the weather as an excuse because I’m deathly afraid of heights – even of getting up past the 3rd run on a ladder. Unfortunately the weather wouldn’t cooperate and the kids were whining at me to do it so I strapped on the old climbing harness and rope and clambered to the top.

I really, really hate being on top of the roof. I hate even worse having to lean over a bit and reach out to put the lights on the edge. I hate having to scootch slowly across the roof on my butt because I’m too scared to walk. I don’t understand how my neighbors run around on their roofs like mountain goats while I get petrified just looking down.

I told Nancy and the kids to not bug me while I was up on the roof because I had to concentrate but they managed to snap this picture:

Man, I hate doing the lights...

Man, I hate doing the lights…

Every time I get on the roof I commit myself to never doing it again. Next year, I don’t care how much it costs, I’m hiring someone to put the lights up.