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Week in review

This past week was a busy one for the family with the kids in school, and Young Women and Scouts, and volunteering at the hospital. Of course, the highlight of my week was the home opener for BYU against Texas. This year we are glad that Grandpa is finally retiring now that he’s turned 70 and can start going to games with us. Sam always likes to go to the games and the girls like to go if the weather isn’t too bad and if the prospects of getting treats is high. With Grandpa at the game the prospects of getting treats is significantly higher so there was some argument and discussion this week amongst the girls as to who would get to go. Caroline managed to lay first claim so she was the lucky one this week.

Waiting out the storm in the car with Grandpa

Waiting out the storm in the car with Grandpa

We met Grandpa in Provo about 1.5 hours before kickoff and had lunch at an Asian restaurant which, although not the cleanest place in town, was pretty good. As we were leaving the restaurant a huge black cloud was rolling in and the wind was whipping. By the time we had left the parking lot of the restaurant the rain was coming down hard and as we drove by Provo High School trees were blowing over on the sidewalk. We went slow through the rain and got up to the gates of the parking area when the guy closed the gates with two cars in front of us. I guess they didn’t want the parking attendants standing out in the storm so I can’t blame them for that but it meant there was a whole street full of cars with nowhere to go.

The storm didn't dampen our spirits

The storm didn’t dampen our spirits

I wasn’t about to lose my prime parking spot so I did some fancy maneuvering in the car and found an entrance to the lot that was still open. The cop guarding the gate let us in but told us to stay in the car until the storm had passed. We didn’t need to be told because with the way the storm was howling we had no plans to leave the car and get soaked and blown to pieces. Even though we had ponchos with us they wouldn’t have done much good the way the rain and wind where whipping around. We sat in the car and listened to the pre-game on the radio. What we hoped would be a short wait eventually turned into a two hour delay until kickoff.

Enjoying the game

Enjoying the game

The kids were pretty good and patient even though waiting 2 hours in the car through a rain storm isn’t their idea of a good time. Eventually the rain and wind let up and people started filing into the stadium for the game. The game was fun with only a light sprinkle or two for the rest of the night. Best of all the Cougars were awesome and had a great game.

Sam the Tenderfoot

Sam the Tenderfoot

The other noteworthy event of the week was Sam’s first rank advancement as a Boy Scout. He earned his Tenderfoot award at the Court of Honor on Wednesday night. When they presented the award, they asked for the parents to come forward with the boy. Of course I thought it was more important to stay back and man the camera so Nancy had to go up by herself. She was pretty miffed at me for leaving her behind and as soon as the Scout leader presented the award Nancy hustled off the “stage” (it was an outdoor Court of Honor) and I didn’t get the chance to snap a good photo.

Doing the Scout Oath

Doing the Scout Oath

Sam isn’t super interested in Scouting. Frankly, he’s about as interested in it as I was at his age. I’ve been working with him a little bit on his rank advancements here and there; however, he isn’t really self-motivated to do the work. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to bribe/push/force him to get his Eagle like I was forced to get mine (I couldn’t get my driver’s license until I got my Eagle). For now, I’m just going along with him on the campouts (11 year hold Scouts must have a Dad with them in over to go on overnight campouts) and trying to balance helping him with Scouts vs. pressuring him to do Scouts.

2013 Vacation – Flora photos

We really enjoyed our day at Manoa Falls and the arboretum. It also gave us a good excuse to fiddle around with the various settings on the camera. The following are a bunch of pictures we took of the native Hawaiian flowers and landscape in an attempt to be “artistic”. I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job any time soon to become a professional photographer but it was fun to pretend like I was one for a day. If I was really on top of my game I would have remembered the scientific name of each plant when I photographed it (there were little labels in the ground that showed what each plant and flower was) but you’ll have to settle for pictures only.













Back to School

Sam and Diana are still on year-round school so their track started a week earlier than the older girls.

Back to school 2013

Back to school 2013

Sam is in 6th grade now so he’s a Big Man on Campus while Diana is starting the 4th grade.  They’re excited to go back to school and Nancy is excited as well.