Caroline’s Winter Sing

December has been a busy month so we’ll take a walk down memory lane and post some of the things that happened during the month…

Caroline’s Challenger School class held their “Winter Sing” this year. Unfortunately, I missed the program because I was on a business trip to Massachusetts but Nancy went and took pictures. Here is Nancy’s description of the event:

Caroline was excited for the Winter Sing and waved at me as all the kids walked in and sat down in their chairs. All the boys wore white scarves and the girls wore red scarves.


The kids sang cute little Christmas songs and did little actions to each song such as holding up a snowflake while singing “Let It Snow”


When Caroline wasn’t busy singing and doing actions she was busy checking out what her fellow classmates were doing. At the end of the program each child presented their parents with a special present – a self-portrait that they drew with the help of their teachers.


Caroline loves to go to Challenger School and is looking forward to finishing the school year there then starting kindergarten next fall.

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  1. E Waite


    I am the Stake Primary President in our Stake. I am looking for alternatives to the way our Stake Baptism is being run. Could you please email me with the procedure, etc. of your daughter’s baptism? I would certainly appreciate any input – especially the times of the baptisms and what each ward does for the baptism.

    Thanks, Edie

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