Summer Rolls

Nancy has become a pretty good Asian food cook. She has learned to make a variety of Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese dishes and we probably eat Asian food at least three times a week. Our favorite cookbook is Quick and Easy Vietnamese by Nancie McDermott.
Quick and Easy Vietnamese
So far, every recipe we’ve tried has been relatively easy to make and has tasted excellent. We originally found the book in the south Jordan library. We checked it out and tried a few of the recipes and had so much fun making them that we renewed our checkout for another two weeks. After having the book for over a month it was time to return it to the library so we ended up buying a copy. My favorite Asian cuisine has always been Thai cuisine but after making several of the Vietnamese dishes and eating occasionally at a Vietnamese noodle shop in West Valley City, I would have to say that Vietnamese cuisine is definitely giving Thai cuisine a run for its money.
Summer Rolls
gái cuá‘n
Nancy made summer rolls (gái cuá‘n) tonight. The recipe in the book turned out as good as the summer rolls we get in the restaurant. They are great to eat during the hot evenings – the cool mint, cilantro and shrimp are excellent along side the light rice noodles and the ginger dipping sauce gives it some zing. Fortunately, our kids are pretty good eaters and don’t turn their noses up at most of the Asian dishes we’ve made. I would say that Caroline is the most adventurous. She likes spicy hot things – just like her dad. It’s funny to see her stick her tongue out to try and cool it when she’s eating a spicy dish. She just sits there with her burning tongue poking and with a big grin on her face asks for more.

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  1. BYUFan

    Anne, be sure you know what you’re talking about when you make a claim:

    Summer Roll

    After all, you’re living with the famous “Expert on All Subjects” 😉 And I wonder where she gets it from?

  2. anne

    they are called spring rolls, not summer rolls.And by the way, I think spring rolls are gross.

  3. Lori

    Hey, those look really tasty. You should invite us over for some summer rolls one Sunday afternoon. We’ll bring dessert or whatever you want us to bring….

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