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UPDATE: 04/26/2008 6:27 p.m. If you’re looking for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire graphic you won’t find it here any more. I removed it because it was causing a high rate of referrals from Google’s image search. I don’t mind people visiting this blog because of something in the blog’s subject matter; however, this blog is not about Harry Potter and this single Harry Potter image was generating a large percentage of our traffic.

The current issue of People magazine (via mugglenet.com – one of Nancy’s Harry Potter websites) has an article about whether or not Harry Potter will die in book 7. What is lame is that they have a guide for parents about what to tell your kids if Harry Potter dies. Some of their snippets of wisdom about how parents should handle this challenging situation:

1) Don’t worry they’ll be scarred for life…
2) Use the experience as a teaching moment…
3) Don’t say “It’s just a book!”…

Are you kidding me? Are folks so devoid of intelligence that they would turn to People magazine for advice on how to handle a fictional characters death? Some thoughts:

  • Any child that is so immature or so stupid as to truly worry about or be affected by Harry Potter’s possible death shouldn’t be reading Harry Potter in the first place.
  • Any parent that is so immature or so stupid as to turn to People magazine for advice on handling Harry Potter’s possible death shouldn’t be having kids in the first place.

One of the lamest comments in the magazine was “to a kid, Harry Potter is very real”. Oh puhleeze. A kid that is smart enough to read and understand the Harry Potter books doesn’t really think Harry Potter is real. Kids that are too young to understand that Harry Potter isn’t real probably can’t read. Thus, I’ve got to wonder where kids that age are getting such a dose of Harry Potter that they think he’s real?

What’s that you say? They see him in the movies? Well, I suppose that’s possible – my three year old has seen all the Harry Potter movies. If it does indeed turn out the Harry dies, will I let her watch the last movie? The answer to that question is “yes” – because she will be old enough to understand by the time the last moving comes out (probably about 4 years from now). If I happen to have another three year old (unlikely) when the last movie comes out, and Harry happens to croak, will I then let my three year old watch the movie? Hmm, I’m not sure about that. I would watch the movie first and determine whether or not it was suitable for my kid. It’s called parenting. It’s just possible that I would end up letting my three year old watch it because my three year old would likely have more sense than the parents that let People magazine do their parenting for them.

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  1. Kelly

    And just think. If you did let your three year old watch it and she was scarred then you could blame someone else because all you did was purchase the DVD, took it home, opened the package, put it in the DVD player and sat through two hours of the movie so it would definitely be someone elses fault, and you could sue!

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