How Should I Respond?

I have a question for my loyal readers:

How would you prefer that I respond to comments and do updates to posts? I’ve generally responded to comments by adding my own comments but I’m not sure if anyone goes back and reads them. Does anyone read my comments in response to your comments? Also, when I update a post, should I move it back to the top of the posting heirarchy so that you can see it’s been updated?

Does anyone use an RSS reader to automatically check for new posts/comments? If you are using Internet Explorer 7 it comes with an RSS reader built in (unfortunately, IE7 breaks a lot of websites so a lot of people still haven’t converted to it yet). What’s even cooler is that if you are using IE7 with Windows Vista you can have the gadgets toolbar automatially display new updates. If you use an RSS reader to check for comments then you’ll be able to see my responses without having to constantly check the site for updates or go back through old posts and see if there are new comments.

Any feedback you can give me on the best way to respond to comments and update posts would be appreciated.

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  1. mom

    I’m just barely making any comment here and there. You lost me as well when you got to the reader part, although I did download Explorer 7 when the window popped up and said it was time. Good so far… Actually, I’m still more inclined to trusty email to the family so I’m going to do that right now!

  2. Lori

    1. I like newest posts first.

    2. If I notice there are “two comments” on a post that originally had “one comment”, I take a look to see who wrote the new comment and what was said.

    3. I don’t have a way to know when you have made a new post or received a new comment other than going to the blog and looking. If I knew how to set up a reader, I would. Or maybe I wouldn’t. I like hitting your blog and Kelly’s blog every day and the anticipation of wondering whether there will be something new or not.

  3. BYU Fan

    Google Reader is an RSS Reader. I was just saying the IE7 has one built in as well.

    So if I update a post by just editing it does the post show up again in Google Reader?

    In terms of sharing the comment love, I can’t access your blog any more now that it’s restricted. I made a google account but still couldn’t get in.

  4. Kelly

    I go back and recheck for comments every few weeks when time allows. I use google reader so I read posts as soon as they go up and if time allows comment right then, otherwise I try to go back later in the day and comment. Because I know how cool comments are so I try to set a good example by commenting, maybe promoting the comment love!

    You lost me at RSS and Explorer 7.

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