One of our biggest problems with Strawberries in the past has been kids. They pick them when they’re still green. Birds also like to peck at the berries. This year we decided to plant the strawberries in a bed that could be covered with a net. I ordered the bed online a few months ago and it was shipped this week. It also came with 50 strawberry plants which I wanted to get in the ground as soon as possible. Thus, today was strawberry planting day.

It’s been threatening to rain/snow all day long but I didn’t mind because you are supposed to plant strawberry plants when it’s overcast. The bed is a circular bed with 3 terraced levels. Nancy and I started out by laying out the first level and filling it with dirt from the garden. Although our yucky clay soil is still pretty wet, the top layer of soil in the garden was relatively dry. Unfortunately, we had only worked for 20 minutes when it started to snow. Eventually the snow turned even the topsoil in the garden into mud so we decided to call it a day after only completing the bottom layer of the terrace.

Layer 1

My biggest worry is what to do with the strawberry plants. They can tolerate the cold fairly well so I left them in the garage but I need to get them in the ground within the next few days before the roots dry out. I don’t want to water them when they’re in the garage because I don’t want them to wake up from dormancy before I get them in the ground. The weather is supposed to improve in the next couple of days and I’m taking Wednesday off so hopefully we’ll get them in the ground before next weekend.


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