Spring Flowers

I thought it would be cool to take some close up pictures of the flowers in our yard so maybe at a later date I could blow them up and make some cool artwork for my walls. I am not a very good photographer so I wasn’t too sure if they would look good, but after I got them on the computer I saw that they weren’t too bad. Tell me what you think?

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  1. mom

    I think your flowers and all of your gardening skills are absolutely amazing.

  2. Lori

    Ditto Kelly and Dad. The photos are lovely on their own merits but they also make me want to see what your whole yard looks like.

  3. kent

    I think the flowers are awesome–as in professional photograpy.

    I think Diana is even more awesome.

    Thanks for sharing the birthday and the flowers.

    Grandpa Kent

  4. Kelly

    Wow Nancy, pretty! Now I want to see a panned out shot of the blooming yard. I’ve only ever seen work in progress pictures of snow.

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