Summer Catch Up

I home teach a couple in our ward that has a bunch of chickens. Occasionally they bring us a dozen eggs. Several weeks ago we took the youngest three kids over their house to give them a present for their new baby and say thanks. I’m finally getting around to posting some of the pictures I took.

The kids had fun feeding the hens bits of bread and trying not to get pecked by the rooster. At first they were too “chicken” (get it? chicken? I crack myself up) to feed the chickens from their hands and would instead flick bread on the ground for the chickens to peck at. After a minute or two they were holding the bread in their palms and letting the chickens eat right out of their hands.

Domesticated chickens have got to be the among the stupidest animals on the earth. They just look so silly as they run around clucking and pecking at bits of earth that you can’t help but laugh.

Don’t these pictures just capture the essence of a lazy summer evening?

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  1. anne

    Wow, Buddy’s hair looks MUCH longer now that I look back on this event from October 30th. Buddy looks like a completely different person with his hair longer.

  2. mom

    A fun summer evening. Show those pictures to Grandma Wilma and she will tell the kids some quite interesting chicken stories.

  3. Nancy

    Buddy and Diana look better now that their hair has been cut. Now It is Caroline’s turn to get hers done.

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