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BYUFan is gone yet again on another business trip. He says after this he doesn’t have to go anywhere for three weeks. It will be strange to have to start cooking normal dinners when he gets back. This week is full of things to do. Yesterday I had Presidency meeting for primary and then after school I had to take the girls to piano lessons and then I had to turn around quickly and take Emily to stake standards night. I think she had a lot of fun because she didn’t get home until 9pm. Today after dropping Luppin off to preschool I spent two hours at the tire place spending BYUFan’s hard earned money on new tires for my Toyota. I probably could have gotten away with only replacing two tires, but I thought since I was there I might as well get them all replaced so I wouldn’t have to go back anytime soon. It seems that when you think you have lots of cash to go around things like car repairs takes a big chunk of it away. It will be crunch time soon and I will have to buckle up. This coming Sunday is our primary’s sacrament meeting program so late afternoon on Friday we will be having our final run-through. Only two of my kids have small parts so luckily I don’t have to worry about helping them memorize too much. I did however teach the senior primary how to sing the first verse of I am a Child of God in Japanese, so I will be leading them in that at the beginning of the program. Last Sunday when we practiced it the kids seemed to have memorized the song pretty well. I will have to report how we did next week. Next week there is not much going on so it will be nice to get some work done around the house for a change.

Within the past two weeks Sam has lost two bottom front teeth. He was so happy to have money from the tooth fairy because he wanted to be like his big sisters and buy a soda from the soda machine in front of the grocery store. First he wanted to take all his money and spend it, but I reminded him that he had given the lesson in Family Home Evening on Monday about Tithing and that we needed to put ten percent of his money into tithing. At first he was not happy but then he realized that ten percent didn’t mean all of it. So yesterday while the girls were at piano lessons I took him to the store and he went and bought himself a sprite.

This is a picture of Sam after he lost his first tooth.

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  1. mom

    Ah that was a super good post. You have to know Buddy to really appreciate his soda pop anticipation and his worry about tithing taking all his money?! Good for you, for buying all four tires. Absolutely. Grandpa Kent is genetically programmed to only buy one of anything, or as little as he can to get along for the moment. But who does he turn to when he is out and needs something? Why the person who always buys at least two of everything because I know it will be needed and don’t want to re-invent the wheel every time! (Pardon the wheel pun when you are speaking of tires) But a mother is a busy person, a busy job and you are just being efficient and cost-wise, time-wises to buy all four tires at once!

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