Reflections 2008

This post was written by Anne

Every year, the PTA of my school and many other schools have Reflections. Reflections give kids a chance to show off their talents.There are 6 categories that kids can sign up in, which are: musical composition, visual arts, 3-D art, photography, choreography, and acting. There is a theme that your piece has to follow. This years’ theme is “WOW…”. This year, I submitted an entry in visual arts. I did many paintings before I could come up with something I liked. My final painting was of a beach scene. I handed it in to the school on the day it was due, October 24th. A few weeks later, I was invited to reflections awards night, the day the PTA recognizes the children who won an award. There are three types of awards you can get. They are honorable mention (work that has been recognized but hasn’t won,) Principal’s choice (work that has been chosen by the principal and is displayed in front of his/her office,) and the Award of Excellence, which goes to the kids that won. I won an Award of Excellence. I am going on to the next round, which is the district. The last round is International, and if you win that, I think you get a money prize.I am not really looking forward to going to see if I won district because I hate thinking that I might not win. I also don’t like how they won’t let me take my artwork home because I won. But the thing that annoyed me most was that while I was at school that day, the PTA called my mom saying that I had won, so she already knew! Thanks a lot, mom.

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  1. anne

    Hey Dad, shouldn’t you be posting a post about Christmas now? Or perhaps New Year’s? Mom’s vacation?

  2. Emily

    Ant is so cool! She is so awesome and I think she should win all the competitions.

  3. Ant

    The same artwork goes on all the competitions. You don’t need to make a new one

  4. mom

    I forgot to ask – do you submit a new artwork for the next competition or does the school submit your winning artwork?

  5. mom

    Super, most wonderful to win such an award and pretty amazing that you are going on in the competition. Of course you would be worried about a not-win in the next round but don’t forget how great you did winning Award of Excellence right now. Very well done! Love you much. Nana

  6. Ant

    I wrote this post because my mom asked me to.

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