More canning news

I got a call from my aunt Kathy on Monday inviting me to go with her and her daughter to Brigham City to go get some peaches for canning. Unlucky for me is that all my kids are in school and there is no good time for me to go except for weekends. I was in luck though because she told me that they would get a half bushel for me and all I had to do was go to her house(which is really close by) and pick them up. I have the nicest relatives in the world. So on Thursday night I went over and picked them up and spent a good half hour or so catching up with my aunt Kathy.

On Friday I decided that I would can the peaches before they started going bad. I thought I might only get one batch out of them but I lucked out again and got two full batches of peaches. They were pretty big peaches so I had to quarter them instead of halving them. I think they turned out great. Now I have to go pick some tomatoes out of my own garden and then I will have to can some more this next week. We should be stocked up on peaches and tomatoes for the whole winter and then some.



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  1. mom

    Ah, it brings back memories. Lovely peaches

  2. Lori

    Gorgeous. Glad you found some good peaches.

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