Memorial Day Fun

For Memorial Day Aunt Lori invited us to go boating with them on Utah Lake. I had previously been to Hoytsville to take care of Grandma and check Grandpa’s grave (someone had already mowed it and cleaned it) so we were free to play on Memorial Day. We met Aunt Lori and her family at the lake and had a fun time with them. The water was pretty chilly but not too bad.

On Aunt Lori's boat

It’s interesting to see the snow on the mountains in the background while swimming/boating in the lake. The kids mostly enjoyed riding the inner tube although Emily wore her glasses out on the tube. I told her they wouldn’t come off if she just hung on to the tube but after a few minutes they hit a big wake and the tube bounced and jolted Emily right into the water. Boy was I in trouble for making her lose her glasses.

Tubing behind the boat

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of bad luck for the trip. On the way home, we were following behind Aunt Lori’s boat when we saw them blow out a tire on the boat trailer. They were able to pull off the freeway and leave the boat in a parking lot so they could come back another day and pick it up. Aside from those two incidents, the rest of the day was fun and my kids certainly had a good time. Thanks Aunt Lori for being so generous with your boat and inviting out for a fun day!

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