Anne’s High School Graduation




Anne’s Graduation was on June 4th at 10:00 at Utah Valley University. Since her graduating class consisted of 700-odd people it was a lot easier to have it there than at the school, and parking and seating was comparatively unlimited. She really enjoyed taking pictures with her friends before the ceremony, as well as a special one with her mom afterwards. Luckily they didn’t read everyone’s names in alphabetical order during the ceremony, so Anne didn’t have to be in the back and could enjoy everything¬†with her friends. She had a really fun time in school and will miss lots of people, but is looking forward to summer and attending BYU in the fall.

Anne giving a friend a high five after her name has been read


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  1. congratulations Anne! I am also congratulating your very proud parents. I am sister Lim who met your dad in Tacloban while he is on his mission.

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