Anne’s High School Graduation

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Anne's Graduation was on June 4th at 10:00 at Utah Valley University. Since her graduating class consisted of 700-odd people it was a lot easier to have it there than…

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9th Grade Awards Ceremony

At the end of the year the Middle School held an awards assembly for all of the 9th graders with outstanding achievements. Caroline got an award for receiving Honors in…

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Caroline’s 5th grade program

Today was the 5th grade program at Caroline's school.  I actually didn't know that they were going to have the program until this morning.  I usually go walking every morning…

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Diana’s Princess Book Report

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Today Diana presented her book report on Princess Jeweliana and the Sparkling Rainbow Ball, by Allia Zobel to her class.   She took one of her princess costumes and fairy wings…

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Snow Day

I am sure glad that I took care of the tomatoes yesterday because this is what my garden looked like today. A couple of days ago we had some snow,…

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Goodbye to Gardening

Since it is supposed to get to the freezing point tonight I decided it was time to get rid of all of the tomato plants. It was hard work especially…

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Sam’s artwork

Today is my birthday and Sam made a special picture for me. It is interesting that when my girls draw pictures they draw a scene, but when Sam draws a…

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