Buddy Goes To School

Samuel started preschool at Challenger School this week. After spending the last three years in the car while Nancy shuttled Emily, Anne, and Caroline to Challenger School, Samuel knew all about it and was excited to attend.

Ready For The First Day of School

Our kids have really enjoyed Challenger School over the years. Nancy and I been pleased that all of our kids have learned to read at Challenger School before they started kindergarten. Challenger School also has a K-8 program that is very academically rigorous (Challenger 3rd graders are rumored to have 3 hours of homework every night) but the tuition fees are out of our price range.

When I asked Samuel what he did on the first day of school he said that he painted with “kid paints”, sang the “bumble bee song” (“I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee…”), learned about the letter ‘M’, sat in a circle on the floor, and had recess. You can’t beat that for a first day of preschool.

All Smiles After a Fun Day

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