This year was a pretty fun Halloween. Emily, Anne, and Caroline were all various incarnations of princesses (I think Anne wanted to be called a “spider countess”). Samuel was a knight and Diana was a bumblebee. I took all the kids trick-or-treating together and they seemed to enjoy it.


After Diana got tired (halfway down the block), I let Emily and Anne go by themselves and took Caroline and Samuel for another hour. Samuel was a bit tired/whiney and I had to keep psyching him up to get him to go to the next house but Caroline was gung-ho the whole time.

This year I tried my hand at making a fancy pumpkin carving. I got a template off the internet and made this pirate skull:


It was fun but it took a long time. I made the mistake of scraping the wall of the pumpkin too thin so the pumpkin broke where the teeth are supposed to be. I think it looks best in the dark:


Next year I’ll get a little bit better and see if I can do an even fancier one.

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