Play Ball!

Samuel at bat In addition to soccer, Sam is also playing T-ball. T-ball is even more painful to watch than soccer. Everyone gets to bat during T-ball and, because there are no outs, the game doesn’t really make any sense. Unfortunately, my agressiveness theory of youth athletics holds true in T-ball as well as in soccer and Sam is equally unaggressive in both.

Both his coach and I tell him he is welcome to hit the ball as hard as possible. In fact, we tell him that he can try and hit the ball so hard that he breaks it. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have an effect because Sam merely pokes at the ball and it barely dribbles off the tee. I never had hopes of Sam being a Major Leaguer but I was hopeful that he would at least be able to make the team in Little League. Alas, it appears that Sam is doomed to suffer the same fate has his father and grandfather before him. That’s OK – we love him anyway. How can you not love a ballplayer as good-looking as this one?
Samuel Baseball

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