California Vacation – Day2

The least crowded days at Disneyland are supposed to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so we figured we would spend the first full day of our vacation just relaxing. The plan for this morning was to sleep in, hang out, and go swimming. The reality was fairly close to the plan with the exception that the kids were knocking on our door at 6:30 a.m. wanting breakfast — so much for sleeping in.

A smoky sky

After breakfast we went to the pool but the water was chilly and the wind was blowing soot and ashes all over the place so we only lasted about 30 minutes in the pool before we gave up. We went back to the hotel room and hung out and watched TV until it was lunch time. After lunch the weather looked a little better outside so we went on an exploring trip around the hotel. We found a fish pond, a fountain, and a neat little playground with a sandbox, tetherball, basketball, and a putting green.



After our little exploring tour we had worked up a sweat so we decided to try the pool again. This time the water was warmer (the pool is supposed to be heated) and the wind wasn’t blowing so we stayed for several hours (except Nancy who thought the air was too smoky so she went back to the hotel room to hang out). All in all it was a relaxing vacation day.



I look like Igor in the picture because I don’t have my glasses on and am squinting at the camera


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  1. Lori

    Awesome! I’ve been thinking of you all day, wondering whether you r trip has been affected by the fires. The air does look smoky in the photos.

    Love Diana’s swim suit. Cute.

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