Basketball and Bowling

Ever since Grandpa Kent went to Hong Kong, I haven’t bothered to get BYU basketball tickets. While I’m a fan of BYU Basketball, I’m not a big enough fan to want to go to games by myself and the number of games during the work week makes it hard to take Sam or other kids with me. BYU happened to have a sale on upper-bowl tickets for a Saturday pre-season game so we decided to take the whole family to the game. I wouldn’t be a good parent if I didn’t give my kids the opportunity to see Jimmer Fredette play in person at least once during his college career. Nancy isn’t the biggest sports fan so we decided to also make it a full day and do some bowling at the Wilkinson center before the game as well – an activity everyone could enjoy.


We enjoyed bowling at the Wilk although none of us are very good bowlers and then walked across campus to go to the game. It was the first time at a BYU basketball game for most of my kids. When they said “upper bowl” they certainly weren’t joking. The seats were about 3 rows from the top. It was definitely a different experience watching the game from the rafters than it is when watching the game from Grandpa’s good seats.

Watching Jimmer and the Cougars

The Cougars won handily against an overmatched UTEP and they kids got to see Jimmer play, even though Sam was the only one that really cared about the game – the girls just cared about getting treats.

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