Dessert Competition

For the annual Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet our pack does a dessert competition. Sam and I were thinking about various desserts we could try to make when I suggested Better Than Sex cake. Once Sam and the other kids heard that name for a dessert, it was all over and they just had to try it.

Sam making dessert with Diana

So, the night before the pack meeting Sam and I went out and got the ingredients and we made the dessert. Diana pitched in to help as well. The kids wanted to try it right away but we only made one cake so they had to wait until the next day. Unfortunately, my cooking skills didn’t do the name of the dessert justice and I think the kids were a bit disappointed. Another lesson we learned was that when you’re entering a dessert competition, don’t go with any dessert that has to be cut or sliced onsite. Nobody will cut into it and try it. It’s best to stick with cookies and such or brownies that are already cut.

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