A Birthday and a Bear

Sam recently had a birthday and turned 10 years old. He and Diana have birthdays fairly close together so they got to jointly select the location for their birthday dinner. Their choice? Golden Corral.

It was the first time any of us had ever been to Golden Corral and I think the kids were influenced in their choice by the chocolate waterfall advertisements on TV. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that advertising works – especially on kids. Golden Corral turned out to be a bit more blue collar than the Chuck-A-Rama. Fortunately for me, that meant the people-watching entertainment value was high. Unfortunately for the kids, their expectation of a buffet is based on the buffet we went to in Vegas recently so they were a bit disappointed that the Golden Corral didn’t have the same selection and quality as the bigger Vegas buffets.

10 years old

Fortunately, a chocolate waterfall covers up a lot of shortcomings and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and ate as much chocolate covered stuff as they could hold. Life is good when you’re 10 years old and there is a chocolate waterfall around.

Sam getting his bear award and a hug from Mom

Tonight was Pack Meeting and Sam received his Bear award along with a gold arrow point and 4 silver arrow points. Now he’s on to the Webelos den. Before you know it we’ll be going on Scout campouts together.

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