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Each December our kids participate in a number of recitals and concerts. We have so many pictures and videos of past events that we tend to not even record them any more; however, this time Nancy took her cell phone out for Caroline’s and Sam’s school concerts. Sam is in the 7th grade choir. We try and get him to sing some of his songs at home and he is pretty reluctant but he seems to enjoy singing with all the other boys on stage.

Sam's 7th grade choir
Sam’s 7th grade choir

This year Nancy’s niece Rachel stayed with us for a few days before going to the MTC. It was fun having her around and seeing her excitement to begin her mission in Rome. Rachel was a good sport and went along to see Caroline’s concert on the day before she went to the MTC.

Rachel, Sam, and Caroline at the band concert
Rachel, Sam, and Caroline at the band concert. Clearly Sam was interested in having his picture taken.

Caroline plays the clarinet in the 9th grade band (it has some fancy name like concert band or something that I can never remember). The arthritis in her hands makes it a little harder for her to play the clarinet so we’re often regaled with moaning and groaning about how hard it is to practice; however, sometimes I wonder whether the moaning and groaning is due to arthritis or just because of the fact that like 99% of all the kids in the world she would rather play with friends, play video games, read books, or do just about any other activity than practice her instrument.

Caroline playing her clarinet
Caroline playing the clarinet

The next day Nancy dropped Rachel off at the MTC. We wish her good luck and hope she enjoys Christmas in Rome.

Nancy dropping Rachel off at the MTC
Nancy and Rachel at the MTC
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