Grandma’s Funeral

Grandma passed away early Friday morning. We are leaving tomorrow for the funeral in Cedar City. I’m not speaking at the funeral (thank goodness) so I thought I’d write up a few words and memories about my Grandma.

I remember going to Grandma’s house as a boy and the coolest thing was getting to sleep in the lumpy bed downstairs in the basement. I don’t know why Nate and I liked the lumpy bed so much – it definitely was lumpy but we thought it was cool. Another nice thing about Grandma was that she let us eat whatever we wanted for breakfast and she always had the best cereals – Lucky Charms, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes. We only got Cheerios or Rice Krispies at home so going to Grandma’s House was always a real treat. Other fond memories include going to boat park, playing at the playground across the street, floating sticks (“boats”) down the irrigation ditch, and reconnoitering.

When Nancy and I got married we stopped off at Grandma’s house on our way home from our honeymoon in California and Grandma and Grandpa gave us a 1960s table and chairs that they had stored in their garage. We were so pleased because we didn’t have a stick of furniture and they were pleased to clear out their garage.

Generally, Grandma didn’t say a lot – she didn’t need to be the center of attention but liked to enjoy the conversations of those around her. A few years back I dropped in for a visit and got Grandma to talk about her childhood in Delta, Utah and going to college in Cedar City. It was interesting to hear Grandma tell about when she was a young girl and that experience always made me fell a lot closer to Grandma even though I only saw her about once a year.

I’m grateful for the good examples in my life and I’m grateful for my own family. Hopefully I’ll make it to heaven and I look forward to seeing Grandma again because she’s surely waiting there for us.

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