Ward Christmas Party

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This is the second year in a row that we went to our Ward Christmas Party. I’m generally not the sociable type so I pretty much avoid ward activities when I can but Emily’s primary group was putting on a little play so I didn’t mind going.


The play was short on dialog and long on lots of little girls fluttering around like angels. They also showed a couple of scenes from a movie about Jesus’ life. I wasn’t really focusing that much on the script because I was trying to keep the camera trained on Emily. She is sixth from the right in the picture above.


After the play I snuck back to the dressing room and got Emily to pose for a picture in her little angel costume. I think she had fun participating and, heck, it’s the least I can do to go see Emily at the Ward Christmas Party.

I’ll probably be attending more ward activities in the future because I lost my dream calling (playing the piano in Primary) and am now the Elder’s Quorum secretary. Thus, I’ll feel more of an obligation to go and socialize than I would if I was still the primary pianist. Oh well, it’s better than being the Sunday School President – I hated that calling.

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    Sorry for the grainy photos. I was trying to compress them so they would download faster. Let me know if you prefer faster download times or if you prefer clear photos and I’ll change my photo formatting strategy accordingly.

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