Happy Birthday Emily

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Emily's birthday was a few weeks ago. She's now 18 although to me it doesn't feel like she's an "adult" yet. In my mind she's still the giggly little 3…

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Emily’s Birthday 2011

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Emily turned 16 this month and we had her birthday party a few days ago. Nothing special for her Sweet 16th birthday - just a boring family party. Sorry Emily…

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2011 Winter Recital

For the 2011 Winter Recital it was back to the piano teacher's house. This is Emily's last recital as now that she's about to turn 16 she has the option…

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2011 Pioneer Trek

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I was asked by the stake to be a "big brother" for Trek this year. "What's a big brother?", you ask. Well, it's basically just a helper. All the youth…

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2011 Spring Recital

The kids had their 2011 Spring Recital at a local music store. The action on the recital hall piano was much stiffer than the kids are used to so they…

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Emily’s Birthday 2010

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By the time you're 15, birthday's in our house are a pretty low-key affair. You get a cake and a present or two but no party other than your family…

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2009 Winter Recitals

December was recital time. Emily, Anne, and Caroline's recital was at the piano teacher's house. Sam's recital was at the West Jordan Library. Emily played Petite Russian Rhapsody by John…

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Emily’s Birthday

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Emily turned 14 this month. It's interesting how you approach birthday parties as you get older. Where Emily used to want presents like Barbie dolls, she now wants presents like…

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An Excellent Young Woman

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Tonight was Young Womens in Excellence award night. The theme was "A Night at the Oscars" and included dinner, a movie starring the young women, and a red carpet that…

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Spring Recital

Last week we went to the girls spring piano recital. Grandpa Kent and Grandma Connie were in town and able to come and the kids were excited to have them…

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