Caroline Has Her Learner’s Permit

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Caroline has had her learner's permit for several months but she hasn't been very excited to go out driving and get her required 40 hours of road time in. She…

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9th Grade Awards Ceremony

At the end of the year the Middle School held an awards assembly for all of the 9th graders with outstanding achievements. Caroline got an award for receiving Honors in…

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Week in review

This past week was a busy one for the family with the kids in school, and Young Women and Scouts, and volunteering at the hospital. Of course, the highlight of…

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Science Fair

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Instead of our family's usual paper-towel experiment, Caroline came up with an experiment to see how well washable markers actually wash out. She had a good time shopping for supplies…

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2011 Winter Recital

For the 2011 Winter Recital it was back to the piano teacher's house. This is Emily's last recital as now that she's about to turn 16 she has the option…

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Caroline’s 5th grade program

Today was the 5th grade program at Caroline's school.  I actually didn't know that they were going to have the program until this morning.  I usually go walking every morning…

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2011 Spring Recital

The kids had their 2011 Spring Recital at a local music store. The action on the recital hall piano was much stiffer than the kids are used to so they…

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Ice Skating with Caroline

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The past few years the Activity Days group has had a daddy-daughter ice skating activity. I enjoy ice skating, although my ankles certainly don't appreciate it the next day. In…

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