Caroline’s 5th grade program

Today was the 5th grade program at Caroline’s school.  I actually didn’t know that they were going to have the program until this morning.  I usually go walking every morning with a friend in the neighborhood who has kids almost the identical ages as mine.  She mentioned that she had to go to her son’s fifth grade program today.  I asked whether it was just his class or if it was all of the fifth graders and she said it was all of them.  I am glad she said something because I would have missed it.  I think Caroline didn’t mention it because she thought that I would embarrass her in front of all her friends.  I don’t know why she would think that because all the parents were in the dark for most of the program( I didn’t take very good pictures because of it).  I love Caroline very much and I think she did a great job.  She even had a speaking part at the beginning (I only wish I could have taken better pictures!)  Here are some of the very out of focus pictures I took of the event.

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