2011 Spring Recital

The kids had their 2011 Spring Recital at a local music store. The action on the recital hall piano was much stiffer than the kids are used to so they had a hard time with it even though this recital they were probably better prepared than most. They didn’t want me to post these videos because of all the mistakes they made in the recital but I figured it’s fun to look back and see how they progress in ability over the years. It also shows you that you need to prepare for the type of piano that you’ll be playing on – practice makes perfect.

First up is Miss Caroline. She is playing Rage Over a Lost Penny by Beethoven and Sea Mist by Bastien. I remember playing Sea Mist at a recital when I was a kid taking piano lesson. It brings back the memories and stirs my emotions to hear Caroline play it. “Is this the little girl I carried, sunrise, sunset, all of that stuff…”

Emily was next. She played the 2nd movement (Adagio Cantabile) from Beethoven’s Sonata number 8 (Sonata Pathétique) and the Dances with Wolves Medley by John Barry, arranged by Lori Line.

Anne played Chopin’s Polonaise in A Major followed by Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No.1, Op.2 No.1, 1st Movement (Allegro)

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  1. Mom

    Nope, piano recital is always my favorite. I’m glad you put the piano recital in!

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